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Set 519

Battlefield Accessories

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

This set of accessories from IMEX shares some components with their American Civil War Accessories set (see American Civil War Accessories), but it also has a good number of new items which make it well worth investigation.

The items included are, in the order pictured above, left to right:

Top Row
Broken stone wall, stone wall.

Second Row
Broken fence, Fence

Third Row
Tent, wicker fence, ladder, long ladder

Fourth Row
Pile of logs, barrel, box, camp fire with spit supports, spit with pig, empty spit

Fifth Row
Sandbags, two-man saw, pick-axe, shovel, large cooking pot, small cooking pot, jug, pan

All the items are well sculpting and with all the necessary detail. The tent stands about waist high and would be for one or two men. The wicker fencing panels have no means of standing, which reduces their usefulness. The fire is nicely done, and even includes plastic flames - a painting challenge indeed! The pig on the spit is fun, and the empty spit can be used to hold the cooking utensils over the fire. The tools are a nice idea, with the two-man saw being particularly unusual.

There are some very nice ideas in this set, with all the pieces being well done. This should prove popular with diorama builders everywhere.

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