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4 May 2021 ArticleIcon Strelets firing line
Strelets have announced the name of a new set, for which they had previously previewed some masters. The new set is 'British Infantry Firing Line', and is for the Napoleonic period, specifically for the years from 1812 as the 'Belgic' shako is being worn by most.
1 May 2021 ArticleIcon 18th century dragoons on the way
Strelets have revealed another new set, and the title is 'British Dragoons'. The set is aimed at the War of the Spanish Succession at the start of the 18th century, and the masters are already to be seen on their website.
28 Apr 2021 ArticleIcon Ultracast US Marines
Plastic Soldier Company have released the latest in their range of Xan figures recast in plastic. The set is entitled 'US Marine Corps Platoon' and starts shipping this week.
24 Apr 2021 ArticleIcon New royal horse grenadiers
Strelets have released a single new set. This is set 241 French Royal Horse Grenadiers, and is for the War of the Spanish Succession. Since we are up to date with our reviews, we hope to be able to post the details of this set soon.
23 Apr 2021 ArticleIcon Napoleonics get a new set
Strelets have announced another new set currently in development, and this time it is for the ever-popular Napoleonic period. The set name is 'Russian Infantry in Overcoats Shoulder Arms', and they look to be dressed in the shako first introduced in 1812. Their website shows finished figures, so presumably this will be included in their next batch of releases.
20 Apr 2021 ArticleIcon More recruits for the Varus legions
Linear-A have released the latest in their series of sets based on the events in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 CE and the loss of the legions under Varus. This is set 018, and contains a number of Romans (plus a few Germanics) in unusual and active poses, as we would expect from Linear-A.
9 Apr 2021 ArticleIcon To horse!
Strelets have announced another new set in the pipeline, and again it is for the War of the Spanish Succession. The title is 'British Regiment of Horse (Late War)', and the masters depict a set of men mounted but not in action.
25 Mar 2021 ArticleIcon New French Dragoons
Strelets have announced a new set for the War of the Spanish Succession. This time the set name is 'French Late War Dragoons in Reserve'.
24 Mar 2021 ArticleIcon More RedBox
RedBox have revealed three more sets are in the works. Along with the 17th Century Registered Cossacks announced a few days ago, the following titles are also planned:
  • 72143 - 17th Century Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack Infantry
  • 72144 - 17th Century Ukrainian Peasant Infantry
  • 72150 - WWI Italian Arditi in Armor
The 17th century Cossacks flesh out an important period in Ukrainian history little covered up to now, and the World War I set is the first from RedBox for that conflict.
21 Mar 2021 ArticleIcon New RedBox in the pipeline
RedBox have revealed plans for a new set of Cossacks. This time it is for the 17th century, and the title of the set is 'Ukrainian Registered Cossack Infantry'. No indication yet of a release date.

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