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All links checked and live as at 1 Jan 2018

Airfix - Brief details of the whole range, plus articles mostly about vehicles, aircraft etc.
Armourfast - Manufacturer mainly of tank kits but with some figures too.
Barcelona Universal Models - Details of their range of figures in several scales plus other products.
Eagle Games - Details of the games they manufacture and their range of figure-only boxes.
First To Fight - Manufactures models and figures for the 1939 Polish campaign. Not updated for a long time.
Fredericus-Rex - Shop plus home page for the products of this company.
HaT - Large but mostly now neglected site, detailing their whole range (plus some never made) and some vis
Hat Mirror Site - Use this link if the above HaT link fails to work.
Hegemony Miniatures - Site with news of sets in development and released.
Italeri - Holds lists of their whole range, with images of the box artwork for each set. Not up to date and a
Linear-A - The website for this shop and manufacturer contains news on new releases.
Mars - Lists their range and shows box artwork and sprues. Very out of date.
MiniArt - Lists their range and shows box artwork.
Nikolai - Contact/Ordering site for Nikolai plus images of some excellent 1/72 scale dioramas.
Panzer vs Tanks - Full product range and ordering information.
Panzer vs Tanks USN Shop - Product range of US Navy sets and ordering information.
Pegasus - Shows photos of their products.
Phersu Miniatures - Holds details of the range and future projects.
Plastic Soldier - A basic introduction page for this manufacturer with details of products.
Preiser - Principally an online catalogue of their vast range.
RedBox - Lists their range and shows sprues and boxes.
Revell - Lists their range and shows box artwork.
Valdemar Miniatures - Shows the range, included painted examples, plus news, visitors models, a forum, polls and much more
Valiant Miniatures - Shows images of the range.
Waterloo 1815 - A site dedicated to the products from this manufacturer/
Zvezda - Lists their range and shows box artwork. Both English and Russian language versions.
1-72 Model Figures - Sells a variety of figures and accessories in our favourite scale!
1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot - A wide range of figures.
Always Model - Taiwan-based internet retailer with a good range including some hard-to-find makes.
Andy's Plastic Figures - Stocks a wide range of 1/72 scale figures as well as other scales.
Antics - Retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
Army Group Center Wargaming - U.S. mail order supplier who stocks a large range of 1/72 scale toy soldiers both current production
Aster Wargames - Stocks a wide range of 1/72 figures, plus many other modelling products.
AtlanticPlus - A dealer in old and out of production figures and kit parts - mostly Atlantic and Baravelli - in var
BB Toys - Sells a wide variety of figures, including other scales and other materials.
Bellford Toys and Hobbies - Sells a wide range of toys, including some figures.
Bromma Hobby - Sells a range of products including many plastic figures.
Caesar Miniatures - Sells Caesar and other manufacturers.
eModels - Retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
F & S Scale Models - Sells many 1/72 figures as well as other scales, vehicles, aircraft etc.
Fidelis Models - Stocks a range of 1/72 figures as well as many kits etc.
FIGURE.Scale-Model-Kits.com - Online shop of plastic scale figure models produced mainly by ex-USSR manufacturers.
Guinea Hobbies - Sells a wide range of figures, vehicles etc.
Halifax Modellers World - Retailer of a range of plastic figures, kits and accessories.
Hannants - British-based retailer of a huge range of 1:72 figures, plus vehicles, planes, ships etc.
Historical Board Gaming - Sells a wide range of figures and other items related to gaming.
Hobby Bunker - US seller of a wide range of plastic and metal miniatures.
Kamar-Zinnfiguren - German sellers of plastic and metal figures. German and English language.
KF 1/72 - Sells many figure sets and includes some good scans of them, plus some info of forthcoming productio
La Figure 1/72ème - Sells a wide range of 1/72 scale plastic figures.
Labirinto Shop - A larger toys and models seller with a good range of 1/72 figures.
Linear-A - Stocks a wide range of plastic figures, many in 1/72 scale.
Mail Model - Italian mail order supplier of many figures and kits.
Mars - Sells plastic figures in several scales from a variety of manufacturers.
Michigan Toy Soldier Co. - US mail order supplier of a large range of models and accessories, including many 1/72 scale soldier
Mini-Kiwiland Shop - Stocks a wide range of figures and models, many in 1/72 scale.
Miniatuurshop.nl - Retailer of many miniatures, including some 1/72 figures.
Miniatuurwereld - Sells a good range of 1/72 scale plastic and metal figures. Dutch and English language.
Model Hobbies - Sells a wide range of figures, kits and flags.
Models For Sale - Sells a wide range of new and second-hand figures and kits, including many discontinued items.
Models2U - UK retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
My Model Hobby - Information on various models and sellers of figures including Revell.
Painted Napoleonic Armies - Seller of plastic painted Napoleonic figures in any quantity.
Squadron - US mail order supplier of a large range of models in many scales, materials etc.
The Lucky Soldier - Stocks a wide range of 1/72 plastic figures.
The Toy Soldier Company - Supply a range of plastic and metal figures in many scales.
Tom's Miniatures - Own production and different plastic manufactures (boxes and sprues)
Toy Soldier HQ - US mail order supplier of a large range of vintage and current plastic soldier sets.
Toy Soldiers Depot - Supply a range of plastic figures in several scales.
Tracks & Troops - Czech retailer selling several makes of figures including a number of resin figures from some lesser
Waterloo 1815 - An Italian seller stocking many makes in several scales.
Ye Olde Toy Soldiers - shop selling a wide range of military figures and books.
Forums and Groups
Addict Figurines - Forum about 1/72 figures, painting etc. Mainly Napoleonic and mainly French language.
Benno's Figures Forum - English language forums.
Figurinistes Sans Hébergement Fixe - Forum discussing mostly figure painting projects . French language.
HaT Forum - Very active English language forum.
Linear-A Forum - German language forum
Modellfiguren Online - German language forum and gallery.
Silex & Baionnette - Forum concerning the wargaming rule set 'Silex & Baionnette'. French and English language.
Strelets*R Forum - Good active forum, mostly in English.
The Miniatures Page - Huge number of message boards about modelling.
Yahoo Group 'Classical Historical Miniature Wargam - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming (rules, materials etc.). Note you must join this gr
Yahoo Group 'DBLCHM' - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming and collecting. Note you must join this group to us
Yahoo Group 'TKR172' - Pictures, files etc on 1/72 figures and dioramas. Note this group no longer takes new material. See
Yahoo Group 'Ultra Cheap Miniatures Gaming' - Not really a discussion group but intended to have links to cheap sources for wargaming. Note you mu
1/72 Ancient Wargames - Specialises in 1/72 ancient wargaming, especially Bronze Age.
Batalla de Talavera - A blog on painting Napoleonics. Spanish language.
Bunker Talk - English language. Historical Miniature Wargaming, Military History, Model Making, including terrain
Cedar Mountain - Uniforms, painting and other aspects of American Civil War figures. Not updated for years.
Clifton Stewart - Focuses on particularly interesting and innovative photography of plastic figures.
Dioramas Empire - Description of dioramas and how they were made.
Duncan's 20mm Colonial Modelling - Lots of stuff on modelling, painting and gaming colonials.
Flagbearer’s Hobby Blog - Personal blog about solo wargames, figure painting, scenery building, board games and other related
Fortes fortuna adiuvat - Polish language. General modelling.
Mes Petits Guerriers en Couleurs - Mainly showcasing and discussing painted 1/72 figures. French language.
Military Modelling in Scale 1/72 - A blog that takes over from Yahoo group TKR172.
Paul's Bods - Conversions, painting and other fun stuff in 1/72 scale.
Peinture de Guerre - Blog concerned mainly with French First Empire miniatures. French language.
Plastic Figures 172 - Figure painting blog
Plastic General - Painting and wargaming with 20mm or 1:72 scale miniatures
Small Scale World - Discussion of all manner of miniature plastics from an acknowledged expert.
Soldadets - Miniatures painting blog. Catalan language only.
Soldados em Miniatura - Portuguese language. Figures and vehicles.
The Plastic Pelisse - Primarily concerned with comparing plastic figures with metal equivalents to assess compatibility.
Tom's Miniatures in 1/72 - Personal blog about making and painting 1/72 miniatures.
Toy Soldier Chest - Reviews 1/72 figures and kits.
Waterloo in 20mm - A blog stacked with pictures of large dioramas depicting the famous battle in 1/72 scale.
Will's Wargames Blog - Blog of an long-standing gamer and figure-painter.
WWII in 1/72 Scale - The title says it all, with a great Japanese carrier diorama!
News and Reviews
Military Miniatures Magazine - The name says it all, with a wealth of material on military miniatures, including a small number of
Painted Soldiers - A website showcasing lots of painted 1/72 soldiers, mainly as videos, with the aim to paint and show
Soldatini On Line - Reviews of 1/72 scale figures plus articles, events, news etc. Mostly Italian language only. Forums
World War 2 Germans in 1:72 Scale - The title says it all - a site with reviews and articles on one of the most popular subjects in our
Modelling Magazines/General
1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures - Information on 1/72 scale plastic Napoleonic figures, with an emphasis on certain battles.
Maxi Miniatures - A general hobby website.
MiniatureZone - An interesting and very useful online modelling magazine, with the emphasis on 1/72 and similar scal
Modeling Time - General modelling website. Various languages.
Plasticrush - Lists of 1/72 scale plastic figure sets with pictures of box artwork and sprues. Seems long abandone
Accessory Manufacturers
Lancer Miniatures - Produce a range of 1/72 size resin accessories like earthworks.
Linka World - A manufacturer of moulds for making buildings in 1/72 scale. No updates for several years.
OKB Grigorov - Manufacturer of metal accessories in 1/72 scale, including weapons and armour.
Unicorn Models - Produce and sell a range of accessories in 1/72 scale and others. English, French and Dutch languag
www.schildschmie.de - 1/72 scale decals of shields, banners etc.
Figure Painting
Fernando Enterprises - Figure painting service for plastic and metal in most scales.
Hand-Painted Soldiers - Painting service based in the Netherlands.
Model Shade - Provides a comparison between colours in different model paint brands.
Painted Napoleonic Armies - Painting service for Napoleonic figures.
Reinforcements By Post - Figure painting service for any scale and period.
Toms Miniature's - Figure painting service for plastic/metal and sells painted sets/sprues
Totica - Figure painting service based in Portugal. Also supplies wargame terrain building blocks
Alex Flags - Flags for DBM etc.
Dansk Figursspilsforening - A range of free downloadable flags, particularly medieval and renaissance.
T S Miniaturen - Flags and shield designs.
Warflag - A huge resource of flags for most armies and periods, with images that can be downloaded and made in
Personal Showcase
1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot Dioramas - YouTube videos showcasing numerous dioramas.
Andrew's Wargaming Page - Has lots of great photographs of painted figures.
Borodino 1812 - Chronicles the building of a large Borodino diorama in 1/72 scale plastic.
Brist - Many videos on 1/72 figures, including unboxings and detailed looks at beautifully painted figures. French language.
Comitatus Gaulois - An ongoing project to depict a late Roman campaign in Gaul using thousands of painted 1/72 figures.
Craig's Painted Models - Great images and videos of painted figures, mostly 1/72, for various periods.
Croebern 1813 - A site concerning the construction of a huge model of part of the Battle of Leipzig (Battle of the N
Diomichi - Figure conversions, dioramas and architectural models in 1/72 scale.
Diorama Dreamland - Images of some excellent 1/72 scale dioramas and contact site for Nikolai Miniatures.
Fredericksburg 1862 - Images and diary of the creation of a large diorama of the battle.
Gettysburg - A massive diorama of Gettysburg with some 31,000 figures, plus other projects planned for the future
KF 1/72 Gallery - Huge gallery of painted figures and dioramas.
La Figurine au 1/72 - Mainly a gallery of painted figures.
Lancier Bleu - Wide range of painted figures and dioramas.
Little Soldier Stories - Extraordinary images produced with 1/72 scale plastic figures.
Mich Dioramas - A website showing many dioramas.
The Great Adventure - World War I site with many painted figures.
Thomas Krug on YouTube - Videos showcasing various dioramas by Thomas Krug.
Tom's Miniatures - YouTube videos of Tom's painted figures and dioramas.
Mad Elite Wargamers - Italian wargaming club website with pictures, reviews etc.
Plastic Kornar - Excellent information site on 1/72 plastic, with the emphasis on ancient wargaming.
Rapid Fire - Articles and information on wargaming World War II.
Regles Wargames - Wargaming rules for many periods.
SAS Wargame Group - Articles and information on all aspects of wargaming. Hungarian and English language. No updates fo
Military History & Uniforms
Military History Encyclopedia - A mine of information on all aspects of military history, and constantly growing.
Other Sites Of Interest
Giuseppe Rava - Background to this superb artist plus links to a gallery of his work and even the chance to buy. Mul
Junior General - A website encouraging the teaching of military history in schools through recreations using 1/72 sca
MABO Pictures - A company producing a growing range of films on various aspects of modelling.
Soldats de Plastique - A blog site dedicated to the history of Alexander the Great's conquest of Asia through 1/72 scale pl
THS Wargames - Website of a group recreating historical battles as wargames.

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