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14 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon We have completed our page on the unconventional Linear-A set of Bacchanalia, and please be aware that the page has been done in a family-friendly manner.
7 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon Our latest review is perhaps also the most important one we have ever done, because the Linear-A set of Imperial Roman (Centuriones) is a game-changer for the hobby. Judge for yourself, but this is a very exciting development in our view.
5 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon This week has seen the appearance of four new sets, as detailed on the News page.
22 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon Today we have news of a set which never appeared, but is being given a second chance, so take a look at the News page for details.
13 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon The other recent set of British Napoleonics from Strelets has now been reviewed, namely their British Infantry in Square.
10 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon For those of you with an interest in Napoleonics, and there are many, we have reviewed the recent Strelets set of British Infantry in Skirmish.
7 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon Always a pleasure to announce some new titles on the way, and today the News page as six!
4 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon One for fans of the First World War this time as we review the RedBox set of World War I Italian Arditi in Armor.
21 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon The last of the trilogy of Cossack sets from RedBox has now been reviewed, so we present our thoughts on their collection of 17th century Ukrainian Peasant Infantry.
19 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Our review of the second of the 17th century Cossack sets from Redbox, Zaporozhians, has been added to the site.
18 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon It would seem that production is starting to pick up again at various manufacturers, since we have four new sets to look forward to over on the News page.
12 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Today's review is of the first of the new selection of figures for 17th century Cossacks from RedBox, so we start with their Ukrainian Registered Cossack Infantry.
9 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Some heavy artillery for the Roman legions is the subject of our latest review, with a careful eye being cast on the Linear-A set of Roman Artillery - Ballista.
7 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Following on from our updated review of the new figures in the Ultima Ratio set of Guards of Cardinal Richelieu last week, the manufacturer has very kindly sent us more information on the identification of some of the new additions, so visit our review of that set for the full details.
3 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon No less than four new set releases over on the News page.

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