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Latest Updates
21 Jul 2024 ArticleIcon Our new review of the recent Strelets set of Napoleonic Bavarian Infantry in Square has been posted.
15 Jul 2024 ArticleIcon The last of the recent RedBox sets of Byzantine cavalry have been added to the site, being Byzantine Cataphracts Set 1 and Byzantine Cataphracts Set 2.
9 Jul 2024 ArticleIcon The next two sets of Byzantine cavalry from Redbox have been reviewed, namely their Byzantine Clibanarii Set 1 and Byzantine Clibanarii Set 2.
3 Jul 2024 ArticleIcon Today it is the turn of Orion to announce some new sets on the News page.
26 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Mars have a new set announcement over on the News page.
24 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Two new reviews have been completed - Byzantine Light Cavalry Set 1 and Byzantine Light Cavalry Set 2, both from RedBox.
9 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Our analysis of the recent Ultima Ratio set of Carthaginian Army: Iberian Infantry Part One as now on the site.
5 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon There are a couple more new Linear-A titles announced on the News page.
2 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Today we have reviewed another beautiful set from Linear-A, namely their Indus Culture.
1 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Several new announcements and releases on the News page.
30 May 2024 ArticleIcon A full review of the Mars set of World War II U.S. Marines has been added to the site.
27 May 2024 ArticleIcon Another new release to report on our News page.
22 May 2024 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release, images of which have already been added to the site.
16 May 2024 ArticleIcon We stick with World War II for our latest review as we look at the Mars set of British Paratroopers.
10 May 2024 ArticleIcon Another new entry on our News page has a list of the latest titles to be announced by Linear-A.

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