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Set 507

Civil War Accessories

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

Like so many accessories, all of the pieces in this set could be useful for any number of other campaigns. For the most part thought they seem intended to decorate a battlefield, mainly being barricades and other items that soldiers might use or improvise to strengthen their position.

The contents are, in the order pictured above, left to right:

Top Row

Tent, gabion, chevaux-de-frise.

Second Row

Log fence, dead horse

Third Row

Wicker fence, ladder, long ladder, pile of logs, sandbags, sandbags.

The tent is about waist high and would be for one or two men, but a larger one would have been nice to see. The form of this one suggests it is a wedge tent, but the size must surely mean it is intended to be a 'dog tent' - formed by two tent halves issued to soldiers with suitable branches or other wood if they can be found. However it does not look like a dog tent, so perhaps some confusion here over what this is intended to be. The wicker fencing panels have no means of standing, unfortunately. The downed horse is an item often requested by diorama builders but rarely provided by manufacturers, so it is good to see one here. The two lines of sandbags are both two bags high, and differ in that one is constructed in such a way that they can be placed end to end to create a longer row.

Some of these items have been seen elsewhere, but there is plenty that is new. The sculpting is fine on all pieces, given our reservations about the generic tent, and they should be very useful for most Civil War scenes.

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