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Latest Updates
23 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon A new release from Hegemony over on the News page.
16 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has some new releases and some future sets in development.
3 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon Our review of the Ultima Ratio set of Spanish Infantry for the Punic Wars is now available.
29 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon Recently Dark and Light Alliance issued a new addition to their fantasy range, and we have now added a page for this set of Southern Kingdom Warriors (Set 1) to our article on their whole range.
27 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon The gladiators are ready to start the show, and our review is ready too, so check out our thoughts on the new Ultima Ratio set of Gladiators Hoplomachus Thracian.
24 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon A surprise update today over on the News page.
19 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon It may have taken us several years, but we have finally added a proper search function to the site. The search option on the menu now takes you to our new page, which we hope you will find useful. Please let us know of any problems or suggestions.
10 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon It has been a very long time since we were able to announce a piece of good news, but today we have a new set announcement over on the News page.
11 Sep 2022 ArticleIcon The last of the recent crop of releases from Linear-A, Army of Syracuse: Infantry, has now been reviewed.
7 Sep 2022 ArticleIcon Ancient Rome has long been a popular subject for figures, but this time we go back much further than usual to look at their pre-republican era warriors via the Linear-A set of Roman Army under King Servius Tullius.
2 Sep 2022 ArticleIcon One of the recent releases from Linear-A returned to their theme of the Battle of Cunaxa in 401 BCE, and now we have completed our review of that set, which depicts Persian Cavalry.
24 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Today we have our review of the Linear-A set entitled Army of Athens for the Peloponnesian War.
8 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon The News page reports on a new set in the pipeline.
6 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Many groups from the ancient Mediterranean world have yet to be immortalised in small-scale plastic, but one of these, the Arameans, now have such a set from Hegemony, which we have just reviewed.
3 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Our latest review switches focus to the present day with a look at the new Caesar set of Modern PRC PLA Troops.

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