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Future Releases
Three Kingdoms Set 2 Set TK002.
Three Kingdoms Set 3 Set TK003.
Three Kingdoms Set 4 Set TK004.
US Navy Hard plastic. No code yet. Assumed to be modern.
Ukraine-Russia Soldiers Set 1 Set HUKR1.
Ukraine-Russia Soldiers Set 2 Set HUKR2.
Prehistoric Homo Sapiens Hunting Set 2 Set 059.
Indus Culture 3300BC to 1300BC Set 043.
Babylonian Empires Set 043.
Hittite Empire (Set 2)
Mittani Empire (Set 1)
Hittites Set 068.
Neo-Assyrian Empire Set 1 Set 056. Infantry.
Neo-Assyrian Empire Set 2 Set 057. Cavalry.
Neo-Assyrian Empire Set 4 Set 083.
Neo-Assyrian Empire Set 5 Set 084.
Urartu Set 055.
Neo-Assyrian Empire Set 3 Set 062.
Cimmerians Set 053.
Lydians Set 054.
Army of Syracuse: Cavalry Set 052. For the Peloponnesian War, Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BCE.
Roman Anti-Elephant Wagon (Set 1) Set 029.
King Pyrrhus of Epirus Set 014s.
Margiana Set 044.
First Punic War Carthaginian Naval Infantry Set 082. "Battle of Mylae 260 BCE".
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom Set 035.
First Punic War Republican Roman Infantry (Set 1) Set 080. "Army of Regulus 255 BCE"
First Punic War Carthaginian Infantry (Set 1) Set 081. "Army of Xanthippos 255 BCE"
Carthaginian General Staff
Seleucid Infantry Set 2 Set 047.
Seleucid Cavalry Set 048.
Seleucid Elephants vs Ptolemaic Elephants Set 049.
Roman Artillery Set 1 - Ballista Set 007s.
Roman Artillery Set 2 - Onager Set 008s.
Roman Artillery Set 3 - Scorpio Set 009s.
Yuezhi / Tochars Nomads Set 060.
Legions of Gaius Julius Caesar (Set 2) Set 065.
Legions of Gaius Julius Caesar (Set 1) Set 063.
Legions of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Set 1) Set 064.
Legions of Marcus Licinius Crassus (Set 1) Set 067.
Roman Legion of Antonius in Egyptian Service Set 066.
Imperial Roman Centuriones Set 061.
Imperial Roman Standards & Standard Bearers Set 070.
Neo-Assyrian Empire (Set 1) Command
Neo-Assyrian Empire (Set 2) Command
Neo-Assyrian Empire (Set 3)
Cleopatra VII
Alexander the Great with General Staff
Sacramentum militare / decimatio
Dilman, Magan, Jiroft (Set 1)
Neo-Babylonian Empire (Set 1)
Roman Army of Maximinus Thrax (Set 2) - Cavalry
Bacchanalia in Ancient Rome (Set 1)
Roman Artillery (Set 1) Ballista
Vigiles Urbani "Cohortes Vigilum" Set 2 Set 015s.
Trajan's Dacian Campaign Set 1 Set 032.
Hadrian's Wall Set 013s.
Roman Legion Set 069.
Enemies of Eastern Roman Empire 6th Century Set 058.
The Nika Revolt Set 041.
Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Set 024. Napoleonic.
WWI German Landwehr at Tannenberg (Set 1) Set 071.
WWI Saxon Rifles 1914-15 (Set 3) Set 079.
WWI German Infantry at Verdun (Set 2) Set 074.
German Fallschirmjäger Support Weapons Will be a crew in winter uniform for an included 10,5cm Leichtgeschütz 42. Currently expected in 2024.
US Marine Corps (Early War) Set 72068.
Plastic Soldier
German Infantry Platoon 1939-42 Set UMOS013.
German Infantry Support Weapons 1939-42 Set UMOS014.
German Pioneers Set UMOS017.
Russian Infantry Platoon Summer Uniform Set UMOS018.
Russian Infantry Summer Uniforms Support Weapons Set UMOS019.
Austrian Infantry on the March Set 260. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
Bavarian Infantry Firing Line Set 262. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
Dutch Infantry Firing Line Set 265. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
Spanish Bourbon Infantry in Square Set 263. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
Austrian Infantry in Overcoats on the March Set 193. Napoleonic.
Austrian Grenadiers in Overcoats Standing at Ease Set 194. Napoleonic.
Austrian Infantry in Overcoats Standing at Ease Set 195. Napoleonic.
French Infantry in Summer Dress on the March Set 196. Napoleonic.
French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing at Ease Set 197. Napoleonic.
French Infantry in Summer Dress at Attention Set 198. Napoleonic.
Austrian Grenadiers Standing Shoulder Arms Set 203. Napoleonic.
Russian Infantry in Overcoats on the March Set 214. Napoleonic.
French Infantry in Summer Dress Shoulder Arms Set 221. Napoleonic.
Bavarian Infantry in Square Set 274. Napoleonic.

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