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27 May 2020 ArticleIcon New pikemen from France
Strelets have announced a new set. Named 'French Pikemen', it seems to be part of their War of the Spanish Succession range, but it shows troops wearing a tricorn and handling pikes. This is not something we thought ever happened, so are intrigued to see the final result.
17 May 2020 ArticleIcon French on the march
Strelets have released another single set for the War of the Spanish Succession. This is the title 'French Musketeers on the March'. This has appeared at a dealer in the UK, but of course distribution elsewhere in the world may be disrupted.
11 May 2020 ArticleIcon Three new releases
Mars have recently released three new sets. As previously noted, these are:
  • 72115 - WWII Russian Infantry
  • 72116 - WWII Russian Assault Troops
  • 72117 - German Volkssturm Defenders
Currently they only seem to be available in the Ukraine, where they are made, and under the current circumstances it is not possible to know how long it will be before these start to reach a wider audience (or indeed us).
9 May 2020 ArticleIcon WSS horse on the way
Strelets have announced a new set for their line-up, and again it is for the War of the Spanish Succession. The title is simply 'British Cavalry', and looks to be the usual format of 12 poses with 6 different horse poses. As with everything else just now, no firm date on when it might be released of course.
5 May 2020 ArticleIcon The glory of Constantinople
Two more sets of ancients have been announced, and of course they come from Linear-A. Today's latest titles are:
  • 040 - Imperial Guardsmen of Emperor Justinian
  • 041 - Enemies from the East
Both are for the Byzantine Empire of the 6th century, and both are currently slated for release in 20??. That gives Linear-A 9.5 years, but we are sure the sets will be out a lot sooner!
4 May 2020 ArticleIcon Big guns for the Legion
Strelets have added a new set to their lists, and this time it is one of their more unusual choices. The title is French Foreign Legion Artillery, and looks to be for the same period as their other FFL sets, so early 20th century. Presumably still quite some way from being released, but in any event several manufacturers are currently reporting major difficulties in production and distribution, so things are likely to stay unpredictable for the next few months.
24 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon A triumphant arrival
Linear-A have started to release their latest figure set, which is 023 'Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 4'. Subtitled 'Hannibal Makes a Triumphal Entry into Italy', the set includes Hannibal on his elephant, various warriors, plus civilian men and women. Review to follow shortly hopefully.
17 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon A last desperate gamble
Still the new sets keep appearing, and the latest is from Mars. Their choice this time is a World War II subject that has been done several times before, namely the Volkssturm set up in late 1944 to defend the Third Reich. The format is the usual one of 40 figures in 8 poses, and while we reserve judgement until we actually handle the figures, the published images look quite promising.
15 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon More Arabs revolt
Strelets have posted a new set, which is entitled 'Arabs in Skirmish'. The masters show a variety of figures mostly kneeling or on the deck, and these are more figures for the Arab Revolt of 1916, although they would also have many other uses.
14 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon Still the new sets keep coming
Another three new sets have been announced recently. Orion have added yet another set to their future plans by announcing set 72057 which is WWII British Tank Crew in summer dress, the first new set for the desert war for some time. For those looking to go further back in history Linear-A have said their future plans now include two sets of ancients. The first is a full set entitled 'Eastern Roman Empire Infantry' for the 6th century, and the second is a mini set with the enigmatic title of 'Publius Quinctilius Varus Disaster'.

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