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22 Mar 2023 ArticleIcon New Eastern allies approach
The latest new figure set from Mars, Eastern Mercenaries (mid 17th century) (72137), has begun appearing at some retailers. Naturally we will post images, and do a full review, when we get hold of a copy, but it is nice to see something of a rise in new sets lately, such that we have a backlog to work through.
17 Feb 2023 ArticleIcon New sets planned from Caesar and Mars
This week both Caesar and Mars have revealed plans for new figure sets. Some dealers are reporting two new sets from Caesar, named 'Ukraine-Russia Soldiers' sets 1 and 2, and a new set entitled 'Eastern Mercenaries' for the mid-17th century is in the works from Mars. No further details or news yet on possible release dates, but we will keep you informed.
10 Feb 2023 ArticleIcon Linear-A release three new sets
Linear-A have announced the release of three new sets. The details are:
  • 027 - Napoleonic French Cavalry Disaster
  • 046 - Samnite Wars (2) Cavalry
  • 050 - Ptolemaic Infantry Phalanx Set 2
Photos and reviews to follow as we get them.
22 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon Two new Roman sets on the way
Linear-A have added two more sets to their already very large range of future releases. This time they are themed on the Battle of Pharsalus, fought in 48 BCE, and the sets are of the legions of Caesar and Pompey. Both are labelled as 'Set 1', so it seems there will be more to follow.
7 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon Another 2023 release

The second company to announce a new figure release this year is Waterloo 1815, who have revealed that their set AP044 WWI Italian Elite Troops (Arditi) has become available. However from the few images available it looks like this is just a reissue of the old HaT set.

We have also learned that Waterloo 1815 are offering a second (Bis) version of their set 043 WWI Italian Infantry, which contains just the new, far superior poses. This product is available direct from Waterloo 1815, but may not be more widely available.

4 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon First new releases of 2023
For obvious reasons, output from Ukraine has been very sparse for the past year, but Orion have announced the release of four new sets this week. The details are:
  • 72062 - Long Range Desert Group
  • 72063 - German Panzer Soldiers (DAK)
  • 72064 - French Tank Crew WW2
  • 72065 - Polish Tank Crew WW2
As can be seen, all are for the Second World War, and cover subjects with few or no existing sets, so a great start to what may be another difficult year.
5 Dec 2022 ArticleIcon New Mars releases
As previously noted, Mars have now released their large batch of new sets, which are listed below. As widely speculated, most are simply reissues of old LW sets, so those entries have already been updated on our site. However the set 72130 German Volkssturm Defenders Set 2 is all-new poses, so we will post and review that one when we have the chance.
23 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon New Ancients
Hegemony have released their latest set, which is called 'The Phrygians'. No more details at present, but we will post more when we get them.
16 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon Two new releases, and new futures

Strelets have announced the release of two new sets, both for the War of the Spanish Succession. They are:

  • 257 Austrian Cuirassiers
  • 258 Bavarian Cuirassiers

Also, in an usual move for them, Mars have revealed a number of new sets that are due in the future, although there are no firm release dates for obvious reasons. The new titles are:

  • 72068 Swiss Mercenaries
  • 72069 Pirates of the Caribbean Set 2
  • 72130 German Volkssturm Defenders Set 2
  • 72131 German Mercenaries (Mid 16th Century)
  • 72132 Persian Light Cavalry
  • 72133 Persian Mercenary Cavalry
  • 72134 Ancient Artillery
  • 72135 Dacian Army
  • 72136 Samurai
Some of these titles are rather vague, and we have no more details as yet, but naturally we will post updates when we know more. However it must be said that most closely match those previously made by Odemars or LW, so some or all may not be new at all.

24 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon Surprise new set
Ultima Ratio have very kindly sent us examples of their latest output, and this includes both their new Gladiators set and one that is new to us - 'Carthaginian Army (2): Iberian Infantry'. Pictures of both are on the site and reviews are to follow. In case you are wondering what happened to Carthaginian Army (1), the company tell us it was destroyed by Russian shelling of Kyiv.
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