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27 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon New Poland 1939
First To Fight have revealed that their latest new kit will be of the 75mm wz.1902/26 field gun. Although there will be no figures, these have previously been made by this company. The gun is due for release on the 1st of next month.
17 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon More future desert warriors
Strelets have announced a long-awaited new title for their mini range. This is M143 'Long Range Desert Group at Rest', which strongly suggests that there will be other sets for this particular group in the future. No release date, but on past experience Strelets will probably try and aim to release a new batch before Christmas, though naturally with the present pandemic this may not be possible.
16 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Three new releases
We understand that Linear-A have released the first of their new line of mini sets. The titles that are included are:
  • 001s - Vigiles Urbani "Cohortes Vigilum"
  • 002s - Sacrifice Before the Battle
  • 003s - Legionary Recruits Training
9 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon More musketeers of the King
Ultima Ratio have released a second version of their set UR011 Musketeers of the King of France. The new version includes all the poses in the original set plus eight new fighting poses, made in a cream coloured plastic. They have kindly sent us a copy, and we will be adding pictures of the new figures to the review shortly. We will also begin work on updating the review to include the new poses, but this will take some time as we already have many reviews to complete.
3 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Another from Linear-A
Linear-A have added a further title to their list of future projects, and again it comes from the ancient world. The new set is number 044 and is simply entitled 'Margiana'.
2 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Paratroops arrive
The latest Mars set, WWII German Paratroopers (Tropical Uniform), has started appearing at some retailers.
19 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon Really ancient history comes to life
Linear-A have added two more sets to their ambitious plans for the future, and this time they go back to very early times:
  • 042 - Indus Culture 3300 BC to 1300 BC
  • 043 - Babylonian Empires
No release dates of course, but Linear-A are certainly busy with new product just lately.
15 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon 15 new sets released
Strelets have managed to overcome their transport problems and are beginning distribution of their delayed next batch of releases. The complete list is:
  • 237 - WSS French Pikemen
  • 204 - Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 227 - Napoleonic Bavarian Infantry in Attack
  • 270 - Napoleonic Bavarian Infantry at Ease
  • 222 - Napoleonic French Infantry Summer Order Arms
  • 211 - Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 155 - Napoleonic Prussian Hussars
  • 228 - Napoleonic Prussian Uhlans
  • 229 - Napoleonic Prussian Dragoons
  • M139 - Highlanders in Attack 1899-1902
  • 290 - French Foreign Legion Artillery
  • M142 - Arabs in Skirmish
  • 245 - WWII Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Summer Dress
  • 246 - WWII Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Winter Dress
  • 247 - WWII American Anti-Tank Squad
Retailers in Europe and Australasia are expected to start receiving deliveries next week, with the US to follow shortly afterwards.
2 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon More WWII Germans
Yes, more WWII Germans are on the way, and this time they can see in the dark! Well some of them can, because the latest release from Mars has reached some retailers, and it is entitled 'German Night Hunters (WWII)'.
19 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon More Carthaginians
It appears that another Linear-A set recently had its release, although as with most products at the moment this has not reached many retailers. The set is Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 2, and as with the rest, whenever we can get hold of a copy we will post the images.

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