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22 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon Austrian reinforcements
HaT have revealed more details of some future Napoleonic sets. The three new sets currently in development are:
  • 8326 - Austrians Marching
  • 8327 - Austrians Action
  • 8328 - Austrian Command
The sets look to have separate packs and headgear.
6 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon Fresh Strelets announcement
Strelets have added a further set to their future plans by posting masters on their website. The set is Napoleonic British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms, which pretty much speaks for itself, but it will include a number of command figures, also at attention.
27 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Two more RedBox releases
RedBox have released two surprise new sets. These are numbers 72125 and 72126, and both are Ukrainian Cossack Cavalry for the 16th century. As with their recent Napoleonic releases, once we find some for sale we will add them to the site.
24 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Another from Linear-A
Linear-A have very kindly let us know that their latest release is now being sent out to retailers. This is set 010, 'Germanic Warriors Set 2', and like the first is focused on the loss of three Roman legions in 9 CE in the Teutoburg Forest. This is a command set, but apart from the usual officers etc., it also contains a number of figures for the post-battle scene, which are disturbing to some and so is recommended for over 18s only.
22 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Orion's belt of three
Orion have revealed three new sets currently being developed. Apart from the WWII US tank crew already announced, they are also planning the following:
  • 72054 - German Anti-Resistance Troops (WWII)
  • 72055 - Turkish Cavalry (Deli) (16th-17th Century)
  • 72056 - Vietnam War Local Communist Force
They seem quite a long way short of release at present, but we will be sure to add them when they do become available.
21 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon New Scots on parade
Strelets have revealed a new set in the pipeline. The set is entitled 'Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms', and is for the Napoleonic period. It follows the by now familiar format of a number of similar 'at attention' poses plus some musicians, officers etc.
23 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon RedBox releases
The four recently announced sets of Napoleonic Russian infantry from RedBox have begun appearing at Ukrainian retailers. The titles are:
  • 72129 - Russian Guard Infantry
  • 72130 - Russian Grenadiers
  • 72131 - Russian Line Infantry
  • 72132 - Russian Light Infantry
20 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Two new Hat sets
Along with a number of reissues, HaT have released two new sets. These are 8286 Colonial Ox Wagon and 8287 Colonial General Service Wagon, both with the Zulu War in mind it would seem.
15 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon And one more new RedBox
RedBox have now added yet another new set to their future release lineup. To match their existing Napoleonic announcements, this one is entitled Russian Line Infantry 1805-08. While no release date is known, our expectation is that these sets will not be too long in coming if past performance is anything to go by.
14 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon More new Redbox
RedBox have added another confirmed title to their future release plans. Again it is a Napoleonic infantry set, this time Russian Grenadiers 1804-1808. The box art shows figures in mitre hats similar to the old Italeri Pavlov set. No release date yet, but exciting times for fans of Napoleonic Russians.

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