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21 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon New Scots on parade
Strelets have revealed a new set in the pipeline. The set is entitled 'Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms', and is for the Napoleonic period. It follows the by now familiar format of a number of similar 'at attention' poses plus some musicians, officers etc.
23 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon RedBox releases
The four recently announced sets of Napoleonic Russian infantry from RedBox have begun appearing at Ukrainian retailers. The titles are:
  • 72129 - Russian Guard Infantry
  • 72130 - Russian Grenadiers
  • 72131 - Russian Line Infantry
  • 72132 - Russian Light Infantry
20 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Two new Hat sets
Along with a number of reissues, HaT have released two new sets. These are 8286 Colonial Ox Wagon and 8287 Colonial General Service Wagon, both with the Zulu War in mind it would seem.
15 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon And one more new RedBox
RedBox have now added yet another new set to their future release lineup. To match their existing Napoleonic announcements, this one is entitled Russian Line Infantry 1805-08. While no release date is known, our expectation is that these sets will not be too long in coming if past performance is anything to go by.
14 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon More new Redbox
RedBox have added another confirmed title to their future release plans. Again it is a Napoleonic infantry set, this time Russian Grenadiers 1804-1808. The box art shows figures in mitre hats similar to the old Italeri Pavlov set. No release date yet, but exciting times for fans of Napoleonic Russians.
2 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon New RedBox
A new RedBox set has emerged as in the pipeline. Set 72132 Russian Light Infantry for the period 1803-07 has come to light, and generally when such RedBox sets are revealed it is not too long before they actually appear.
31 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Linear-A 2019 plans
As we end one year and look to the next, Linear-A have very kindly sent us their plans for 2019, and big plans they are too. The following are the sets that they hope to release over the next 12 months, most of which are announced for the first time.
  • 010 - Germanic Warriors Set 2
  • 013 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 2 "Cavalry"
  • 016 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 3 "Elephants"
  • 017 - Roman Legion Set 1
  • 018 - Roman Legion Set 2
  • 019 - Battle of Cunaxa 401B.C. Set 2
  • 020 - Trajan`s Legion are back !!!
  • 021 - Amazons "Daughter's of Ares"
  • 022 - The Etruscans "Cavalry" 9th-5nd.Centuries BC Set 2
  • 023 - Hannibal makes a triumphal entry to Italy Set 4
  • 024 - Napoleonic Wars Surprise set
24 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon New Great War announcement
Hegemony have let us know that their next set will be World War I French Chasseurs Alpins.
22 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Flood of new Strelets announcements
The boxes for the latest batch of Strelets releases contain details of a number of future sets not previously disclosed. The numbers and titles now known are:
  • 154 - Japanese Type 98 AA 20mm Gun
  • 155 - French Line Infantry Standing at Ease
  • 189 - Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
  • 190 - Mounted Rif Rebels
  • 191 - Rif Rebellion
  • 193 - Austrian Infantry in Overcoats on the March
  • 194 - Austrian Grenadiers in Overcoats Standing at Ease
  • 195 - Austrian Infantry in Overcoats Standing at Ease
  • 196 - French Infantry in Summer Dress on the March
  • 197 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing at Ease
  • 198 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing at Attention
  • M134 - WWI French Infantry in Summer Dress
  • M135 - British Infantry at Gallipoli
  • M136 - Turkish Infantry at Gallipoli
  • M137 - WWI Turkish Assault Troops
Note set 154 was previously announced as US infantry for the ACW.
20 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Large batch of new releases

Strelets have confirmed that they have started distributing their latest batch of figure sets. Along with a few re-releases, the following 13 sets are confirmed as now heading for the shops:

  • M077 - Spartacus Army
  • 168 - Landwehr on the March
  • 169 - Landwehr Standing at Ease
  • 174 - Prussian Line Infantry on the March
American Civil War
  • 182 - 30 pdr Parrott Rifle with US Crew
  • 183 - 12 pdr Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew
Russo-Turkish War 1877
  • M054 - Foot Bashi-Bazouk
British Colonial
  • 177 - British 15 pdr 7 cwt BL Gun
  • A014 - Creusot Long Tom 155mm with Crew
Spanish/French Colonial
  • 185 - Foot Rif Rebels
  • 186 - French Foreign Legion Early XX C.
World War II
  • 176 - Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun
  • 187 - French Foreign Legion WWII
So quite a wide range of subjects, and of course we will start our reviews on these shortly.

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