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8 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon WSS gets a boost
Strelets have revealed masters for a new set for the War of the Spanish Succession. This time it is for the Dutch infantry, and the poses are to form a firing line.
2 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Four new releases
Linear-A have confirmed the release of four new sets. Their set names tend to be very long-winded, but these are the four new titles in brief:
  • 031 - Army of Athens (Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BCE)
  • 036 - Persian Cavalry (Battle of Cunaxa 401 BCE)
  • 038 - Roman Army under King Servius Tullius (6th Century BCE)
  • 051 - Army of Syracuse: Infantry
3 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon New Lone Star troops
The latest release from Ultima Ratio, 'Confederate Infantry Texas Troops' for the Civil War, has started to appear at retailers.
23 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon New Caesar release
Caesar have released their latest figure set, which is H105 Modern Chinese PLA. This has already started appearing in European retailers.
4 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon Two new Strelets releases
Strelets have started distribution of two new sets. Both are for the War of the Spanish Succession, and the titles are 240 'French Garde du Corps' and 256 'British Dragoons'.
24 May 2022 ArticleIcon Another WWII set from Mars
Mars have just released a further set for World War II. This time the title is 'Soviet Border Guards', and has the usual 40 figures in eight poses.
21 May 2022 ArticleIcon Two more sets for World War II
Under the circumstances it is particularly pleasing to see the Ukrainian company Mars announce two new sets have been released. These are set 72127 British Commonwealth Troops and set 72128 German Panzerjagers. Both have started appearing at online Ukrainian retailers.
7 May 2022 ArticleIcon Strelets add a new title
Strelets have added a new title to their future plans, and again it is for the War of the Spanish Succession. This is set 263, 'Spanish Infantry in Square', and they clarify by saying that these are Spanish that are on the side of the Bourbons. No indication of release date of course, which is naturally particularly difficult during the current war.
1 Apr 2022 ArticleIcon New navy figures from Caesar
Some dealers are listing a new future release from Caesar Miniatures. The set is simply called 'US Navy' and is described as having 20 unpainted hard plastic figures. From the images they look to be flight deck crew, and some may have separate arms, hence the hard plastic. We are assuming that they are for the modern period. Caesar figures seem to be extremely slow in reaching outside China as we are still waiting for the Three Kingdoms set to appear, but any new set is welcome, particularly at the moment.
4 Mar 2022 ArticleIcon Caesar renaissance continues
Some dealers have started listing a new set as forthcoming from the newly revitalised Caesar. With some ancient sets already promised, this time Caesar come right up to date with a set simply entitled 'Modern Chinese PLA'. From the masters pictured on some sites, it would seem that these figures are in parade uniforms and poses.

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