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26 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon Three new Napoleonics
Linear-A bring a little joy to the end of the week with the announcement of the release of three new sets. All are mini sets for the Napoleonic era, and the details are:
  • 004s - Waterloo After the Battle (French Disaster)
  • 005s - Waterloo After the Battle (British Disaster)
  • 006s - The Victory of Waterloo
24 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon The dragoons keep coming
Strelets have announced a new set, and it is another for the War of the Spanish Succession. This time the set title is 'Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish', with a rather fine piece of artwork on their website. Although there is a long way to go, the depth of coverage of this conflict is becoming quite impressive.
24 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon First set for the Samnite Wars
Linear-A have released their latest set, and this time it is 'Samnite Wars Set 1'. As usual, pictures will be posted when available.
16 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon French Dragoons approach
Strelets have announced a new set of French Dragoons. The title is 'French Dragoons on the March', and the set is for the War of the Spanish Succession. Sample figures are on the Strelets website, but no news as to when they might be released.
14 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon A double from Mars
As expected, Mars have not been tardy in releasing the two sets recently announced. Both have started to appear at retailers, so as a reminder these are:
  • 72121 - WWII German Paratroopers (Winter Uniform)
  • 72122 - WWII German Panzer Crew in Combat
12 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon New WWII figures
Plastic Soldier Company have announced a deal with Xan Miniatures to make some of their 20mm miniatures for their Ultracast range. The first three titles are:
  • US Marine Corps Platoon
  • Japanese Platoon
  • US Airborne Platoon (Normandy)
These are expected during the course of this year, and other titles will be added too.
10 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon New sets from Linear-A
Linear-A have added two new figure sets to their catalogue of future releases. Both are for the Peloponnesian War (431 to 404 BCE), and introduce for the first time the role of Magna Graecia in that conflict. The two sets are:
  • 051 - Army of Syracuse: Infantry
  • 052 - Army of Syracuse: Cavalry
9 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon ...and guns for the opponents too.
Today Strelets announced another set for the War of the Spanish Succession. To follow yesterday's French artillery, we are now promised British artillery too, which uses the same guns.
9 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon Guns for Louis
Strelets have announced their first artillery set for the War of the Spanish Succession. The set is number 244 and the artillery is for the French.
2 Feb 2021 ArticleIcon One for the ancients
Fans of ancient history have been doing very nicely from Linear-A just lately, and the good news keeps on coming. A new set has been added to the already extensive list of future projects with the intriguing title of 'Ptolemaic Surprise'. Not so long ago any set of Ptolemaic troops would have been a huge surprise, but this is the third such set promised by this prolific manufacturer so far.

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