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2 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon A new nation joins the hobby
Orion have announced a new set, which is for a country not previously represented in the hobby. The number is 72053 and the startling name is 'Ruff-Puffs'. This was the nickname given by the Americans to the Regional Forces and Popular Forces of South Vietnam, which existed from 1963 to 1970, so this is the first set for the forces of South Vietnam ever made. Naturally no release date as yet, and given the global circumstances it would be hard to predict release and distribution details anyway.
16 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon Bookends for the Empire
Linear-A have announced two new sets which between them add to either end of the story of the Roman Empire. The first, 038 Rome's Early Period, is pretty vague, but presumably deals with the early kingdoms or the early republican period. The second set, 011s Emperor Justinian I and Imperatrix Theodora I, is a mini set and so potentially may have little more than the couple in the title, but is a welcome addition to the scant coverage of the Eastern Empire in the important sixth century.
13 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon Ringing the changes for Italians?
Reports on the internet suggest that Ultima Ratio will be releasing a second version of their set of Italian Militiamen 1260-1392. The new version will have a completely new sprue with eight new poses, plus some of the older sprues. There is currently no indication of how a customer knows whether a set is of the first or second type when ordering (although the number of figures may be different), but when we get hold of a copy we will update our review accordingly.

Also new today, Strelets have announced they are releasing another of their War of the Spanish Succession sets. This one is entitled 'French Grenadiers (Early War)'. Already showing on the 'coming soon' lists of some retailers, we would expect this to be released within the next couple of weeks.

12 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon New single Strelets release
Strelets have started shipping their latest release to dealers. This is the set 234 French Musketeers Firing for the late 17th/early 18th century. With so much already discussed about this set, we will all now get the chance to take a closer look.
5 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon More Soviets due
Mars have revealed another new set in the pipeline for World War II. With their set 72115 WWII Soviet Infantry still awaited, they are also developing set 72116 WWII Russian Assault Troops. Both look like the usual formula with eight poses, and both are likely to be fairly close to being released if past experience is any judge.
27 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon French become German
Strelets are shuffling their set numbers round again. This time their set 155, previously advertised as 'French Line Infantry Standing at Ease' has turned into 'Prussian Hussars', still for the Napoleonic period. Since the masters for this set have already been posted online, we might assume this will be in the next full batch of releases.
22 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon New teasers from Linear-A
Linear-A have added some more sets to their plans for the future, although some of them are no more than teasers as to what is to follow. There are three new full sets, which are:
  • 025 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 5
  • 027 - Napoleonic Wars Surprise
  • 037 - Neanderthal vs Denisova Human vs Homo Sapiens Set 1
The Hannibal set is subtitled "Salassi (Celtic tribe) vs. Carthaginian". The Napoleonic set could of course be almost anything, and the prehistoric set speaks for itself and takes the hobby back further into human prehistory than ever before.

Also new in the Linear-A lineup is a mini set, number five in the series, entitled 'The Victory of Waterloo'. Again no other clues as to content, so plenty of scope there.

19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon A busy day...
We have just learned that a new set has started to reach retailers. The Waterloo 1815 set of World War I Italian Cavalry is now available, so we will post images as soon as we can.
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon The new figures keep on coming!
Today we learn of another new title in preparation. This time it is from Mars, number is 72115 and the title is 'Russian Infantry' for World War II. The usual format will be followed here, of 8 poses and a total of 37 figures. Mars is another company that seem to release their sets quickly after they are announced, so hopefully we may see this soon.
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon More WSS French
Strelets have announced another set for their War of the Spanish Succession. This time it is set 234 'French Musketeers Firing', and going on past experience we might hope that this will be released quite soon, as the turnaround of these sets seems very rapid.

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