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26 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon Orion future projects
Orion have revealed the next four sets planned for release. The details are:
  • 72058 - German Panzer Soldiers 1939-40
  • 72059 - Viet Cong
  • 72060 - North Vietnamese Army
  • 72061 - WWII British Tank Crew (Winter Dress)
No news yet on what stage of development these have reached.
23 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon The '45 gets a boost
RedBox have revealed three more sets to go with their recent announcement about Scottish cavalry for the 1745 rebellion. The new set details are:
  • 72139 - British Dragoons 1745
  • 72140 - British Regiments of Horse 1745
  • 72141 - Prince's Lifeguard and Fitzjames Horse
19 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon Lots going on
We are catching up on developments over the last few days. and there is a lot to report.

Strelets seem to have advised dealers of their next batch of releases, and there are four new sets not previously announced. They are:
  • 161 - Prussian 7th Uhlans (Napoleonic)
  • 291 - M1916 37mm Gun with French Foreign Legion Crew
  • M146 - French Foreign Legion in Camp
  • M147 - French Foreign Legion in Attack
Next up, Linear-A have added the following three sets to their already extensive future plans:
  • 047 - Seleucid Infantry Set 2
  • 048 - Seleucid Cavalry / Chariot
  • 049 - Seleucid Elephants versus Ptolemaic Elephants
A surprise returnee to the hobby is Fujimi, who have announced that they are to release two new hard-plastic figure sets, which are:
  • 72342 - JGSDF Vehicle Crew Set 1
  • 72343 - JGSDF Infantry Set 1
The press release says both these are due for release in February of next year.

Also we notice that some dealers (mainly ones local to the manufacturer) have started selling the following sets:

  • 72145 - Musketeers of the King of France
  • 72146 - Mounted Musketeers of the King of France
  • 72147 - Guards of Cardinal Richelieu
  • 72148 - Mounted Guards of Cardinal Richelieu
First To Fight
  • 077 - Field Cannon 75mm wz.1902/26
12 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon New set for Pacific War
Strelets have announced a new set for future release. The title is 'Japanese Type 11 Gun with Crew' and looks like it includes more than one model of gun along with numerous crew figures.
10 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon The King's guard
Strelets have added to their range for the War of the Spanish Succession with another French cavalry set. This time it is the Garde du Corps, the most important unit of the King's household troops. No release date as yet.
3 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon A new one for Napoleon's legions
Strelets have unveiled another new set, which is again for their Napoleonic Bavarian range. This time the men are 'on the March', and includes poses of men with musket sloped on the shoulder and held upright.
29 Oct 2020 ArticleIcon Back to the desert
Still they keep coming. Today Strelets have added a new title to their future plans, and this time it is a mini set - M148 Arabs in Retreat. An interesting title, and the masters show Arabs running but also apparently fighting hand-to-hand.
29 Oct 2020 ArticleIcon They just keep on coming
Still more new announcements today. RedBox have revealed their set 72046 Mounted Guards of Cardinal Richelieu, while Linear-A have announced new full sets for 'The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus Set 2' (045) and 'Samnite Wars Set 2 - Cavalry (046).
28 Oct 2020 ArticleIcon New for the Maison du Roi
Strelets have revealed another set in the works. This time it is for the War of the Spanish Succession, and is entitled 'Chevau-Legers and Gendarmes de la Garde'. Both these units were part of the Royal Household of France.
27 Oct 2020 ArticleIcon New releases and announcements
We have learned that the latest Mars set, 72120 WWII US Paratroopers, has gone on sale. Also a couple more sets have been announced by RedBox. The new titles are:
  • 72146 - Mounted Musketeers of the King of France
  • 72149 - Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scottish Cavalry

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