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21 May 2019 ArticleIcon Strelets surprises

Some dealers have listed what looks like the next batch of releases from Strelets. Along with a number of reissues there are 15 new products lined up, including four that are a surprise.

Set 180, which was Napoleonic French line infantry on the Strelets boxes, has now become Napoleonic Prussian infantry standing at Attention. Set 225 is Napoleonic French line infantry at ease in winter dress (flanking companies), and set 226 is World War II Japanese Type 98 20 AA-Gun. Finally set A018 is WWI 155mm St.Chamond Howitzer with French Crew in Winter Dress. All these four sets are new announcements, and don't even appear on the Strelets website.

So, there are 15 new sets on their way (no clue as to release date yet), and this is the list:

  • 173 - Napoleonic French Line Infantry on the March 1 (Flanking Companies)
  • 180 - Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 181 - Napoleonic Old Guard on the March
  • 188 - Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
  • 189 - Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
  • 190 - Mounted Rif Rebels
  • 191 - Rif Rebellion
  • 192 - French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol
  • 225 - Napoleonic French Line Infantry at Ease in Winter Dress (Flanking Companies)
  • 226 - WWII Japanese Type 98 AA 20mm Gun
  • M133 - British Infantry 1899-1902
  • M134 - WWI French Infantry in Summer Dress
  • A015 - WWI Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider with French Crew
  • A016 - WWII Cannone da 105/28 Schneider Ansaldo with Italian Crew
  • A018 - WWI 155 mm St.Chamond Howitzer with French Late War Crew in Winter Dress
17 May 2019 ArticleIcon Tankers released
Orion have released their set of US tank crew in winter dress (72050). 48 figures in 12 poses, including relaxed and out-of-vehicle combat positions.
16 May 2019 ArticleIcon New Tommy Atkins for Southern Africa
Strelets have announced work on a new set of British infantry for the Second Boer War. Entitled 'British Infantry 1899-1902', the set M133 would seem to be a replacement for their earlier set 038 covering the same subject, but judging by the posted masters the quality of the new set will be far superior.
23 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon Poles released
Only a short time after it was announced, the first retailers have started to sell the latest set from First To Fight, 'Polish Uhlan Command Dismounted', which is for the 1939 campaign.
17 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon More uhlans
First to Fight have revealed another cavalry set for their 1939 range. Hot on the heels of the release of their set of dismounted Polish uhlans, their next release will be of an uhlan command set, again dismounted. The set will include 15 figures, and on past form may be released next month.
11 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon HaT releases
The latest HaT releases have started appearing at retailers. The numbers and titles are:
  • 8295 - Seven Years War Austrian Sampler
  • 8322 - Seven Years War Austrians Marching
  • 8323 - Seven Years War Austrians Action
  • 8324 - Seven Years War Austrians Command
  • 8329 - Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Sampler
8 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon Another First To Fight release
According to one blog, the latest First To Fight release becomes available today, and is their set of dismounted Uhlans. There is also mention of other sets due later in the year of artillery crews and command figures.
4 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon Next new announcement
Strelets have released details of another planned future set. This one is called 'French Line Infantry in Overcoats At Ease' and is for the Napoleonic period. Masters have been posted on their website.
2 Apr 2019 ArticleIcon A new set and new plans
It looks like we are in the middle of a classic surge of Strelets new announcements at the moment, because they have added another new set to their site. This time it is entitled 'French Line Infantry on the March 2' and is more marching Napoleonic French, this time in greatcoats. While we wait for further announcements we can enjoy the latest new release from Mars, which is 'Luftwaffe Field Division Infantry'.
30 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon New Strelets broadcast
Strelets have added another new set to their published list of projects underway by revealing some new sculpts. This time the subject is Austrian Grenadiers for the Napoleonic period, and they are in greatcoats and some cap covers. All the figures are on parade, and the full set title is 'Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress Standing Shoulder Arms'.

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