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18 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon New German support troops

We understand that Mars are working on a set of WWII German Fallschirmjäger Support Weapons, which will include a 10,5cm Leichtgeschütz 42. The men will be in winter uniform, and are basically a crew for this weapon. Release date is unknown, but in this case is not expected until sometime in 2024.

Also new projects are two more sets of Neo-Assyrian Empire figures from Linear-A. Again no release dates on these, although their website suggests at least one will appear this year.

2 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon A wealth of new set announcements
Linear-A have announced a large number of new set titles, covering several periods. The titles are:
  • 068 - Hittites
  • 069 - Roman Legion
  • 070 - Imperial Roman Surprise
  • 071 - WWI German Landwehr at Tannenberg (Set 1)
  • 074 - WWI German Infantry at Verdun (Set 2)
  • 079 - WWI Saxon Rifles 1914-15 (Set 3)
  • 080 - First Punic War Republican Roman Infantry (Set 1)
  • 081 - First Punic War Carthaginian Infantry (Set 1)
  • 082 - First Punic War Carthaginian Naval Infantry
Some of the titles are deliberately vague, but there is enough information here to whet many an appetite. Their website indicates that the Hittites at least are expected to be released before the end of this year, although Linear-A now have a vast list of projects slated for future release.
27 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon The show goes on
Despite the current difficulties, Ultima Ratio have announced the imminent release of a new set. This is another in their growing range of gladiators, and this time the subject is Retiarius and Provokator. The set will contain 24 figures in 8 poses.
20 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon Two more releases
Linear-A have announced two more sets have begun distribution. They are:
  • 039 - 6th Century Eastern Roman Empire Infantry Set 1
  • 040 - Imperial Guardsmen of Emperor Justinian I
5 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon Three new releases
Linear-A have released three more sets from their Mini series. The numbers and titles are:
  • 010s - Hannibal vs Scipio
  • 011s - Emperor Justinian I and Imperatrix Theodora I
  • 012s - Publius Quinctilius Varus 'Disaster'
8 Jun 2023 ArticleIcon New Mars release
As expected, Mars have released their recently-announced set, which is 'Ukrainian Defenders' for the current war.
9 May 2023 ArticleIcon New Ukrainian troops
Another company has announced a set of contemporary Ukrainian soldiers for the current war. This time it is Mars, and their set will contain the usual 40 figures in eight poses. It looks like the set is already well advanced, so we are expecting a release very soon.
9 May 2023 ArticleIcon New sets released by Strelets
It looks like Strelets are beginning to distribute their latest crop of figure sets, including some new titles not previously announced. There are seven sets in total, so we will begin by listing those for the War of the Spanish Succession:
  • 242 - French Musketeers of the Guard
  • 259 - Dutch Cuirassiers
  • 268 - German States' Cuirassiers in Skirmish
The third of these sets, the German Cuirassiers, is a new announcement.

Next we have a couple of Napoleonic sets:

  • 273 - Bavarian Infantry Firing Line
  • 289 - Russian Jägers in Winter Dress
Here, it is the Bavarian Firing Line that is a new title.

Lastly, there are a couple of sets for the Jacobite Rising of 1745:

  • 283 - 1745 Jacobite Artillery
  • 284 - 1745 British Artillery
The British Artillery is the new surprise in this list.

As we understand it, all these sets should start reaching some dealers within the next few days.

3 May 2023 ArticleIcon Carthaginians make their appearance
Ultima Ratio have started distributing their latest set, Hannibal's Veterans, and they have also kindly sent us a copy, so the images are already to be found via our Awaiting Review page.
24 Apr 2023 ArticleIcon Hannibal gets new shock troops
Ultima Ratio have released details of a new set that is in the pipeline. This is set UR019, entitled 'The Carthaginian Army: Hannibal's Veterans', and contains 24 figures in eight poses. No indication of release date as yet, but this company usually only announces new sets when they are already very well advanced.
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