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15 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon We would just like to say a massive thank you to all those who contacted us about our difficulties with the WWI French Field Kitchen reviewed earlier in the week. As a result, we have obtained enough information to form a proper opinion of the set, and we have updated the review accordingly. The key points are:
  • France used many types of field kitchen, though it is unclear if any looked exactly like the Strelets model
  • It seems clear that the Strelets model is based on an exhibit at Verdun, which is labelled as German!
  • Regardless of design and nationality, the model is much too small to be of much use to anyone concerned with accuracy
We cannot help wondering if Strelets know the wagon is German, and are saving money by using it both for this set and their upcoming set of German WWI Field Kitchen. In time we will no doubt find the answer!
11 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Two expected new releases have appeared and are detailed on the News page.
10 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Unfortunately we have another review where we have not been able to obtain sufficient information to give a proper opinion. The review is of the Strelets set 'WWI French Field Kitchen', which we found very suspect in terms of accuracy, but cannot say for sure. If anyone has good source material which can improve this review we would be very interested to hear of it.
4 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Three cheers lads! Two more new releases to brighten the start of our week - see the News page.
3 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Strelets had already created two sets of Napoleonic Russian hussars, and now they have created a reserve, so we now review their Russian Hussars in Reserve.
3 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Excitement today for fans of ancient warfare as we have a new release on the News page.
1 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon To start the new month we take a look at another of the Strelets War of the Spanish Succession sets, their French Artillery.
30 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon The News page has a couple of new releases to report.
28 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon By our reckoning we have so far reviewed 30 sets of Napoleonic French cavalry. Set 31 joins them now as we take a long hard look at French Guard Chasseurs from Strelets.
22 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon If the French Foreign Legion of the early 20th century is an interest of yours then you have been rather spoiled by Strelets lately. Their fifth set on the subject, French Foreign Legion in Skirmish, has now been reviewed.
19 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon It was a controversial set as soon as it was previewed, and we have now completed our review of the disappointing Strelets set of Napoleonic British Infantry Firing Line.
16 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon Time for another review, and our choice today is the Strelets set of IJA Infantry in Defence.
11 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon They may not have been glamorous, but dragoons were an essential part of Louis' armies. Our review of the Strelets set Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish has been completed.
6 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon One more for the fans of the Second World War today as we consider the Strelets set of DAK Desert Patrol.
5 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon The News page has three new set announcements from this week.
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