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16 Aug 2019 ArticleIcon Thanks in large part to a more intelligent choice of title, the latest Strelets set to be reviewed, Rif Rebellion, is much more about history than films, which is a relief.
14 Aug 2019 ArticleIcon Sometimes they make great sets, sometimes they make something that seems to have little to do with history. Today we review one of those latter sets as we try to make sense of their set optimistically entitled Mounted Rif Rebels.
9 Aug 2019 ArticleIcon The current surge of Napoleonic sets from Strelets continues with our review of their recent Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms.
5 Aug 2019 ArticleIcon The latest set of figures from First To Fight are the subject of our newest review as we ponder their 37mm Anti-Tank Gun with Uhlan Crew.
31 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon An interesting new set announcement over on the News page.
27 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon It may have more to do with Hollywood than North Africa, but the Strelets French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol does have something to offer us too.
23 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon The Boers were more than just great riflemen, and recently we have started to see sets that reflect that. The latest is from Strelets, Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew, which has been reviewed.
22 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Strelets have been dominating our News page lately, and today they have announced a new set in development.
21 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Apart from our new reviews we sometimes update other content on the site, including some of the Features. Recently we have been adding a lot of new entries to our Bachmann Scenecraft page to bring the coverage up to date. Most of the figures may be of marginal interest, but those looking for civilians for the later 20th Century or beyond may find useful conversion material in this range.
20 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Today we have a big gun and crew from Strelets - their 105mm Cannon Schneider 1913 has been reviewed.
18 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon The first of the recent Strelets sets has had its review, namely Old Guard on the March
4 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon As usual, new Strelets releases reveal new plans on their boxes. For full details see the News page.
3 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon A large number of new Strelets releases are confirmed this week on the News page.
1 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon A new release to start July off on the News page today.
1 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Most sets that we review we like, even though they sometimes have annoying failings in our view which make them less appealing. Then occasionally we get a set like British Army Fusiliers (Indian Mutiny) from Hegemony.
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