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22 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon The recent set of French Musketeers Firing from Strelets has already attracted a lot of comment online, and we are adding our views to the mix with our usual full review.
16 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon Two new set announcements over on the News page which will delight those with an interest in the ancient world.
15 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon Although horse-mounted soldiers were becoming anachronistic by World War I, many countries continued to cling on to their cavalry, and today we review a set depicting one of those, the Italian Cavalry by Waterloo 1815.
13 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon A couple of new items on the News page today, including a new set and an upgrade for an old one.
12 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon While many people are currently in quarantine the same is not true of plastic figures, and a new set has just been released into the World. See the News page for the well-anticipated details.
11 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon It's a bit long, but there is much to say about the latest set to review, which is the Louis XIV set of French Fusiliers (Early War) from Strelets.
5 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has another Mars announcement.
4 Mar 2020 ArticleIcon A champion of sets from the ancient world, Linear-A recently released their second and final set of Etruscans, so now we present our observations on their quite complex set The Etruscans Cavalry: Set 2.
29 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Strelets at their very best can be an elite producer these days, and one example of this has now been reviewed - their Napoleonic Highlanders Standing Order Arms.
27 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon A change in set title on the News page today.
24 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon The last of the recent Strelets Russian infantry sets has been reviewed - Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms.
22 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon A new review is now ready, this time for the Strelets set of Boer Field Artillery.
22 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Our News page has several new announcements from Linear-A today.
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Just when you thought two News page updates in a day was enough we learn of another new release, so now there are three!
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon The second update of the News page today has another new title announced.
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