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21 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon The first snippet of News for a while has details of a new set announcement.
19 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Thanks to all those that pointed out our mistake in yesterday's FFL review where we failed to identify the MAS-38 submachine gun. As always, we are happy to have made the correction.
18 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon The last of the recent batch of Strelets releases draws our attention to the Free French in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, so see what we thought of their depiction as we review their set French Foreign Legion WWII.
17 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon The latest set from Caesar, and one very much focused on the World as it is today, is their Mid-East Militia which we have now reviewed.
14 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Today we have our review of one of the poorest Strelets sets in a very long time - their 30 pdr Parrott Rifle with US Crew.
11 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon A group of mercenaries looking to escape their past may not sound like an attractive proposition, but when that group is called the French Foreign Legion somehow the appeal is strong and enduring. Strelets are the latest manufacturer to produce a set of these fighters, and we have added our comments on their efforts.
8 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Another good quality set from Caesar has now been given a full review, namely their WWII German Tank Riders (Camouflage Suit).
7 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon In recent years the much-neglected Japanese forces in World War II have received a lot more attention, and our latest review adds to this list with a look at the Strelets set of Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun.
4 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Hegemony and their WW2 Civilians start our week off.
2 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon When you think of the Boers of Southern Africa you think of excellent riflemen and little else, but there was more to them than that. Strelets recently modelled one of their more unusual weapons, and now we have reviewed their Creusot Long Tom 155mm Gun with Boer Crew.
30 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Another in the recent excellent series of Napoleonic Prussians from Strelets has been reviewed - Prussian Line Infantry on the March.
27 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Latest in our list of completed reviews we have the Strelets colonial set of British 15 pdr 7 cwt BL Gun.
24 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon We look now at the Mars set of Imperial Japanese Paratroopers, and find them a very mixed blessing.
23 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Some highly-anticipated new releases have been confirmed over on our News page.
21 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon We have just had the unique experience of reviewing a Mars set, and liking it. Judge for yourself as we sing the praises (sometimes) of their set of German Don Cossacks.
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