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Latest Updates
23 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon One more new set announcement from Strelets on the News page.
13 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Probably the last foray into 11th century warfare for a little while at least, today we review the latest Strelets big box, Hastings 1066: Anglo-Saxon Army.
12 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Two more figure sets have reached retailers this weekend - the News page has the details.
10 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon It has turned out to be a busy week, and today Strelets have a new announcement, for which see the News page.
9 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Another new Strelets set to review today, and another in the much-improved new style too, which is great to see, so enjoy their English Men-At-Arms 13th-14th Century.
8 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Some interesting new set announcements on our News page.
7 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Announced a month ago, and now released to retailers, two brand new sets of World War II figures are detailed on the News page.
5 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Another review and another Polish subject today as we examine the Strelets Napoleonic set Polish Infantry on the March.
28 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon Brace yourselves, there's a new Mars set, and it's not pretty. Check out our opinion of their Sobieski's Polish Infantry.
23 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon Some may still remember the days when World War II was almost exclusively Germany, Britain, the USA, Russia and Japan, at least as far as plastic figures were concerned. Happily those days are long behind us, and today we look at another set for one of the poorly represented armies of the conflict as we consider the Strelets set Indian Troops.
21 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon For our latest article we have chosen the big Strelets set Stamford Bridge.
16 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon The latest Orion offering for the many sets of Ottoman fighting men has now been fully examined at Turkish Cavalry Sipahi.
15 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon A couple of new future releases over on the News page.
14 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon It has been a couple of days, so high time for another review. This time it is the Strelets Napoleonic set of British Infantry on the March.
12 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform by Strelets is the latest full review to be added to the site.

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