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All links checked and live as at 1 Jan 2018

A Call To Arms - Lists their range and shows box artwork and photos of the figures. Has not been updated in a very long time!
Airfix - Brief details of the whole range, plus articles mostly about vehicles, aircraft etc.
Armourfast - Manufacturer mainly of tank kits but with some figures too.
Barcelona Universal Models - Details of their range of figures in several scales plus other products.
Eagle Games - Details of the games they manufacture and their range of figure-only boxes.
First To Fight - Manufactures models and figures for the 1939 Polish campaign. Not updated for a long time.
Fredericus-Rex - Shop plus home page for the products of this company.
HaT - A superb site, with lots of detail of their current range and future production, plus an enormous magazine section with articles and examples of the work of some of their visitors.
Hat Mirror Site - Use this link if the above HaT link fails to work.
Hegemony Miniatures - Site with news of sets in development and released.
Italeri - Holds lists of their whole range, with images of the box artwork for each set. Not up to date and a bit confused, while some of the links do not work!
Linear-A - The website for this shop and manufacturer contains news on new releases.
Mars - Lists their range and shows box artwork and sprues. Very out of date.
MiniArt - Lists their range and shows box artwork.
Nikolai - Contact/Ordering site for Nikolai plus images of some excellent 1/72 scale dioramas.
Panzer vs Tanks - Full product range and ordering information.
Panzer vs Tanks USN Shop - Product range of US Navy sets and ordering information.
Pegasus - Shows photos of their products.
Phersu Miniatures - Holds details of the range and future projects.
Plastic Soldier - A basic introduction page for this manufacturer with details of products.
Preiser - Principally an online catalogue of their vast range.
RedBox - Lists their range and shows sprues and boxes.
Revell - Lists their range and shows box artwork.
Strelets - Lists present and future sets with images of masters, artwork etc.
Toxso - Details their range, mostly kits but including some figures. Manufacturer may be defunct, and site not updated for years.
Valdemar Miniatures - Shows the range, included painted examples, plus news, visitors models, a forum, polls and much more.
Valiant Miniatures - Shows images of the range.
Waterloo 1815 - A site dedicated to the products from this manufacturer/
Zvezda - Lists their range and shows box artwork. Both English and Russian language versions.
1-72 Model Figures - Sells a variety of figures and accessories in our favourite scale!
1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot - shop selling a huge variety of plastic figures old and new.
Always Model - Taiwan-based internet retailer with a good range including some hard-to-find makes.
Andy's Plastic Figures - Stocks a wide range of 1/72 scale figures as well as other scales.
Antics - Retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
Army Group Center Wargaming - U.S. mail order supplier who stocks a large range of 1/72 scale toy soldiers both current production and vintage scale sets.
AtlanticPlus - A dealer in old and out of production figures and kit parts - mostly Atlantic and Baravelli - in various scales. Italian language.
BB Toys - Sells a wide variety of figures, including other scales and other materials.
Bellford Toys and Hobbies - Sells a wide range of toys, including some figures.
Bromma Hobby - Sells a range of products including many plastic figures.
Caesar Miniatures - Sells Caesar and other manufacturers.
Cherbourg Maquettes - An online shop stocking many sets of figures.
Drum & Flag - Website stocking many makes and scales of figures.
Drum and Flag - Shop selling many plastic figures and accessories.
eModels - Retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
F & S Scale Models - Sells many 1/72 figures as well as other scales, vehicles, aircraft etc.
Fidelis Models - Stocks a range of 1/72 figures as well as many kits etc.
FIGURE.Scale-Model-Kits.com - Online shop of plastic scale figure models produced mainly by ex-USSR manufacturers.
Guinea Hobbies - Sells a wide range of figures, vehicles etc.
Halifax Modellers World - Retailer of a range of plastic figures, kits and accessories.
Hannants - British-based retailer of a huge range of 1:72 figures, plus vehicles, planes, ships etc.
Historical Board Gaming - Sells a wide range of figures and other items related to gaming.
Hobby Bunker - US seller of a wide range of plastic and metal miniatures.
Kamar-Zinnfiguren - German sellers of plastic and metal figures. German and English language.
KF 1/72 - Sells many figure sets and includes some good scans of them, plus some info of forthcoming production and related items. German language only.
La Figure 1/72ème - Sells a wide range of 1/72 scale plastic figures.
Labirinto Shop - A larger toys and models seller with a good range of 1/72 figures.
Linear-A - Stocks a wide range of plastic figures, many in 1/72 scale.
Mail Model - Italian mail order supplier of many figures and kits.
Mars - Sells plastic figures in several scales from a variety of manufacturers.
Michigan Toy Soldier Co. - US mail order supplier of a large range of models and accessories, including many 1/72 scale soldiers.
Mini-Kiwiland Shop - Stocks a wide range of figures and models, many in 1/72 scale.
Miniatuurshop.nl - Retailer of many miniatures, including some 1/72 figures.
Miniatuurwereld - Sells a good range of 1/72 scale plastic and metal figures. Dutch and English language.
Model Hobbies - Sells a wide range of figures, kits and flags.
Models For Sale - Sells a wide range of new and second-hand figures and kits, including many discontinued items.
Models2U - UK retailer of a range of plastic models, including figures and vehicles.
My Model Hobby - Information on various models and sellers of figures including Revell.
Painted Napoleonic Armies - Seller of plastic painted Napoleonic figures in any quantity.
Squadron - US mail order supplier of a large range of models in many scales, materials etc.
The Lucky Soldier - Stocks a wide range of 1/72 plastic figures.
The Toy Soldier Company - Supply a range of plastic and metal figures in many scales.
Tom's Miniatures - Own production and different plastic manufactures (boxes and sprues)
Toy Soldier HQ - US mail order supplier of a large range of vintage and current plastic soldier sets.
Toy Soldiers Depot - Supply a range of plastic figures in several scales.
Tracks & Troops - Czech retailer selling several makes of figures including a number of resin figures from some lesser-known manufacturers.
Waterloo 1815 - An Italian seller stocking many makes in several scales.
Ye Olde Toy Soldiers - shop selling a wide range of military figures and books.
Forums and Groups
Addict Figurines - Forum about 1/72 figures, painting etc. Mainly Napoleonic and mainly French language.
Benno's Figures Forum - English language forums.
Figurinistes Sans Hébergement Fixe - Forum discussing mostly figure painting projects . French language.
HaT Forum - Very active English language forum.
Linear-A Forum - German language forum
Modellfiguren Online - German language forum and gallery.
Silex & Baionnette - Forum concerning the wargaming rule set 'Silex & Baionnette'. French and English language.
Strelets*R Forum - Good active forum, mostly in English.
The Miniatures Page - Huge number of message boards about modelling.
Yahoo Group 'Classical Historical Miniature Wargam - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming (rules, materials etc.). Note you must join this group to use all its features.
Yahoo Group 'DBLCHM' - General discussion group on 1/72 and 20mm gaming and collecting. Note you must join this group to use all its features.
Yahoo Group 'TKR172' - Pictures, files etc on 1/72 figures and dioramas. Note this group no longer takes new material. See tkr172.blogspot.com below.
Yahoo Group 'Ultra Cheap Miniatures Gaming' - Not really a discussion group but intended to have links to cheap sources for wargaming. Note you must join this group to use all its features.
1/72 Ancient Wargames - Specialises in 1/72 ancient wargaming, especially Bronze Age.
Batalla de Talavera - A blog on painting Napoleonics. Spanish language.
Bunker Talk - English language. Historical Miniature Wargaming, Military History, Model Making, including terrain, military miniatures, figures and vehicles.
Cedar Mountain - Uniforms, painting and other aspects of American Civil War figures. Not updated for years.
Clifton Stewart - Focuses on particularly interesting and innovative photography of plastic figures.
Dioramas Empire - Description of dioramas and how they were made.
Duncan's 20mm Colonial Modelling - Lots of stuff on modelling, painting and gaming colonials.
Fortes fortuna adiuvat - Polish language. General modelling.
Mes Petits Guerriers en Couleurs - Mainly showcasing and discussing painted 1/72 figures. French language.
Military Modelling in Scale 1/72 - A blog that takes over from Yahoo group TKR172.
Paul's Bods - Conversions, painting and other fun stuff in 1/72 scale.
Peinture de Guerre - Blog concerned mainly with French First Empire miniatures. French language.
Plastic Figures 172 - Figure painting blog
Plastic General - Painting and wargaming with 20mm or 1:72 scale miniatures
Small Scale World - Discussion of all manner of miniature plastics from an acknowledged expert.
Soldadets - Miniatures painting blog. Catalan language only.
Soldados em Miniatura - Portuguese language. Figures and vehicles.
The Plastic Pelisse - Primarily concerned with comparing plastic figures with metal equivalents to assess compatibility.
Tom's Miniatures in 1/72 - Personal blog about making and painting 1/72 miniatures.
Toy Soldier Chest - Reviews 1/72 figures and kits.
Waterloo in 20mm - A blog stacked with pictures of large dioramas depicting the famous battle in 1/72 scale.
Will's Wargames Blog - Blog of an long-standing gamer and figure-painter.
WWII in 1/72 Scale - The title says it all, with a great Japanese carrier diorama!
News and Reviews
Military Miniatures Magazine - The name says it all, with a wealth of material on military miniatures, including a small number of reviews on plastic figure sets. English, Italian, Spanish, French and German language.
Painted Soldiers - A website showcasing lots of painted 1/72 soldiers, mainly as videos, with the aim to paint and show every one!
Soldatini On Line - Reviews of 1/72 scale figures plus articles, events, news etc. Mostly Italian language only. Forums still active but otherwise not very active.
World War 2 Germans in 1:72 Scale - The title says it all - a site with reviews and articles on one of the most popular subjects in our hobby.
Modelling Magazines/General
1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures - Information on 1/72 scale plastic Napoleonic figures, with an emphasis on certain battles.
Maxi Miniatures - A general hobby website.
MiniatureZone - An interesting and very useful online modelling magazine, with the emphasis on 1/72 and similar scales.
Modeling Time - General modelling website. Various languages.
Plasticrush - Lists of 1/72 scale plastic figure sets with pictures of box artwork and sprues. Seems long abandoned.
Accessory Manufacturers
Lancer Miniatures - Produce a range of 1/72 size resin accessories like earthworks.
Linka World - A manufacturer of moulds for making buildings in 1/72 scale. No updates for several years.
OKB Grigorov - Manufacturer of metal accessories in 1/72 scale, including weapons and armour.
Unicorn Models - Produce and sell a range of accessories in 1/72 scale and others. English, French and Dutch language.
www.schildschmie.de - 1/72 scale decals of shields, banners etc.
Figure Painting
Fernando Enterprises - Figure painting service for plastic and metal in most scales.
Hand-Painted Soldiers - Painting service based in the Netherlands.
Model Shade - Provides a comparison between colours in different model paint brands.
Painted Napoleonic Armies - Painting service for Napoleonic figures.
Reinforcements By Post - Figure painting service for any scale and period.
Toms Miniature's - Figure painting service for plastic/metal and sells painted sets/sprues
Totica - Figure painting service based in Portugal. Also supplies wargame terrain building blocks
Alex Flags - Flags for DBM etc.
Dansk Figursspilsforening - A range of free downloadable flags, particularly medieval and renaissance.
T S Miniaturen - Flags and shield designs.
Warflag - A huge resource of flags for most armies and periods, with images that can be downloaded and made into accurate flags for miniature armies.
Personal Showcase
1/72 Legions in Plastic Depot Dioramas - YouTube videos showcasing numerous dioramas.
Andrew's Wargaming Page - Has lots of great photographs of painted figures.
Borodino 1812 - Chronicles the building of a large Borodino diorama in 1/72 scale plastic.
Comitatus Gaulois - An ongoing project to depict a late Roman campaign in Gaul using thousands of painted 1/72 figures.
Craig's Painted Models - Great images and videos of painted figures, mostly 1/72, for various periods.
Croebern 1813 - A site concerning the construction of a huge model of part of the Battle of Leipzig (Battle of the Nations).
Diomichi - Figure conversions, dioramas and architectural models in 1/72 scale.
Diorama Dreamland - Images of some excellent 1/72 scale dioramas and contact site for Nikolai Miniatures.
Drum and Flag - Facebook page with images of lots of painted figures in 1/72 scale and 1/32, plus more material of interest.
Fredericksburg 1862 - Images and diary of the creation of a large diorama of the battle.
Gettysburg - A massive diorama of Gettysburg with some 31,000 figures, plus other projects planned for the future.
KF 1/72 Gallery - Huge gallery of painted figures and dioramas.
La Figurine au 1/72 - Mainly a gallery of painted figures.
Lancier Bleu - Wide range of painted figures and dioramas.
Little Soldier Stories - Extraordinary images produced with 1/72 scale plastic figures.
Mich Dioramas - A website showing many dioramas.
The Great Adventure - World War I site with many painted figures.
Thomas Krug on YouTube - Videos showcasing various dioramas by Thomas Krug.
Tom's Miniatures - YouTube videos of Tom's painted figures and dioramas.
Plastic Kornar - Excellent information site on 1/72 plastic, with the emphasis on ancient wargaming.
Rapid Fire - Articles and information on wargaming World War II.
Regles Wargames - Wargaming rules for many periods.
SAS Wargame Group - Articles and information on all aspects of wargaming. Hungarian and English language. No updates for a long time.
Military History & Uniforms
Military History Encyclopedia - A mine of information on all aspects of military history, and constantly growing.
Other Sites Of Interest
Giuseppe Rava - Background to this superb artist plus links to a gallery of his work and even the chance to buy. Multi language.
Junior General - A website encouraging the teaching of military history in schools through recreations using 1/72 scale plastic figures.
MABO Pictures - A company producing a growing range of films on various aspects of modelling.
ScaleModel.NET - International list of scale model related web sites. Something for everyone.
Soldats de Plastique - A blog site dedicated to the history of Alexander the Great's conquest of Asia through 1/72 scale plastic soldiers.
THS Wargames - Website of a group recreating historical battles as wargames.

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