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Latest Updates
24 Sep 2023 ArticleIcon We have a new review of the recent Linear-A mini set of Hannibal vs Scipio.
17 Sep 2023 ArticleIcon The last of our series of three reviews of the recent Linear-A releases on 6th century Byzantine Empire is now complete, as we take a look at the complex set of Eastern Roman Empire Infantry Set 1.
7 Sep 2023 ArticleIcon Following on from our comments on the Linear-A set of Emperor Justinian I, we now present our review of their set entitled Imperial Guardsmen of Emperor Justinian I.
2 Sep 2023 ArticleIcon We have our first review of the recent Linear-A releases, and we start with a look at their small set of Emperor Justinian I and Imperatrix Theodora I.
26 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon The Ultima Ratio set of Gladiators Retiarius Provokator is the subject of our latest review.
18 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon Some details of a new set currently in development have come to light - see the News page for the latest.
16 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon Today we have our review of the latest contemporary offering from Mars, their Ukrainian Defenders.
2 Aug 2023 ArticleIcon Although for obvious reasons the hobby is going through a quiet spell at the moment, Linear-A are certainly doing their bit to keep the momentum going, and our News page has a wealth of new set announcements from them.
30 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon It is time to take a look at the last of the recent Strelets releases, namely Russian Jaegers in Winter Dress for the late Napoleonic period.
27 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon A big thank you to everyone who got in touch about the mystery item in the recent Strelets artillery sets. It seems the 'peg' is meant to be in the hole at the bottom of the carriage, permanently, providing an eye for a handspike to move the carriage manually. This eye is much too high, and also means there is now no hole with which to attach the gun to a limber, so is a poor model, but then the whole gun is poor anyway.
27 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon A new title has emerged and will be released soon - see our News page for the details.
24 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon Louis XIV's elite cavalry has had some great coverage recently, and today we review the latest set on that subject, French Guard Musketeers from Strelets.
20 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon The News page has a further two new releases from Linear-A.
16 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon Jacobite artillery may not be well known, but it is good to see it produced by Strelets, so take a look for yourself as we review their 1745 Jacobite Artillery.
6 Jul 2023 ArticleIcon Another early 18th century set for you to look at today as we review German States' Cuirassiers in Skirmish from Strelets.

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