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17 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon Today we head once more into the desert with Strelets as we take a look at their set of 8th Army Australian Heavy Weapons Squad.
15 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon Usually examining a new set of figures is fun, but not always. See what we mean with our review of the HaT set of WWI Italian Arditi.
13 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon We now have more confirmed details of the new releases from Caesar - an update can be found over on the News page.
12 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has some apparently firm information on the recent rumours concerning Caesar Miniatures.
11 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon We were recently alerted to the existence of two LW sets not on our site. We are not big fans of LW, and it turns out they have messed up their product codes by reusing ones from older sets, but for the sake of completeness we have added their sets of German 20 mm Flak-38 and US Army Light Trailer, both for World War II.
8 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon We have just completed our review of another of the recent HaT sets, so take a look at their interesting but not entirely satisfactory set of WWI Italian Heavy Weapons.
3 Jan 2022 ArticleIcon Happy New Year to everyone! Last year was another busy year for the hobby, with on average more than one new set every week. Let's hope for more of the same in 2022, but first we need to catch up on the late releases from 2021, and to begin with we have our review of the HaT set of WWI Italian Infantry.
24 Dec 2021 ArticleIcon We had hoped to be starting our coverage of the World War I Italians before Christmas, but time has run out, so instead we would just like to wish all our visitors a very merry and above all safe and peaceful Christmas.
19 Dec 2021 ArticleIcon Ptolemaic Egypt is the latest section of history to gain its very first set of figures with the release of the Linear-A set of Ptolemaic Infantry Phalanx Set 1, which we have now reviewed. Also new today is confirmation that the latest Strelets sets are released - see the News page for the usual details.
10 Dec 2021 ArticleIcon We have a double-header for you today as we have completed our look at the Linear-A Pyrrhus of Epirus sets, Set 1 (Phalanx) and Set 2 (Allies/Mercenaries).
2 Dec 2021 ArticleIcon The last of the recent batch of RedBox sets has been reviewed, their British Dragoons 1745.
1 Dec 2021 ArticleIcon Today we have another in our very occasional glimpses into the world of fantasy with a look at a set that perhaps shouldn't be described as such at all, although it does come from renowned fantasy producer Dark Alliance. So we have our take on their set of Rednecks.
30 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Just minutes after recording some new Strelets sets we discover Linear-A have also been adding to their range. See the News page for details of their new subjects.
30 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Some dealers have released details of the next batch of new Strelets figure sets, including some new to us, so see the News page for all the details.
29 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Something rather different today, and certainly outside of our comfort zone. One of the recent sets from Linear-A took us back far into prehistory, so we have now added our page on their set Neanderthal vs Denisovan vs Homo Sapiens Set 1.
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