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Latest Updates
22 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon A couple of new titles have been announced over on the News page.
10 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon Today we have our thoughts on the Hegemony set of Persian War Elephants.
7 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon Another new release can be found on the News page, although it may just be an old set repackaged.
4 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon Some unexpected good news to report for the hobby over on our News page.
3 Jan 2023 ArticleIcon The one completely new set in the recent batch of releases from Mars, 'Volkssturm (Set 2)', has now been given our usual full review treatment.
30 Dec 2022 ArticleIcon Our last update of the year is a look at the Hegemony set of Phrygians.
21 Dec 2022 ArticleIcon The Strelets Bavarian Cuirassiers for the 17th century is our latest review.
13 Dec 2022 ArticleIcon Today we have posted our review of the Strelets set of 17th Century Austrian Cuirassiers.
5 Dec 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has details of new releases from Mars.
23 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon A new release from Hegemony over on the News page.
16 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has some new releases and some future sets in development.
3 Nov 2022 ArticleIcon Our review of the Ultima Ratio set of Spanish Infantry for the Punic Wars is now available.
29 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon Recently Dark and Light Alliance issued a new addition to their fantasy range, and we have now added a page for this set of Southern Kingdom Warriors (Set 1) to our article on their whole range.
27 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon The gladiators are ready to start the show, and our review is ready too, so check out our thoughts on the new Ultima Ratio set of Gladiators Hoplomachus Thracian.
24 Oct 2022 ArticleIcon A surprise update today over on the News page.

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