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20 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon The first new release of 2020 has arrived - see the News page.
18 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon No less than three of the recent Strelets releases were concerned with the Russian infantryman in the Napoleonic Wars, and we have now reviewed the first of those, Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms.
15 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon One of the more action-packed of the recent Strelets offerings, today we have our review of their Confederate Infantry in Defence.
13 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon It's time, as so often, to revisit the battlefield of Waterloo with a new set, and this time it is the Strelets offering of British Infantry Standing Order Arms.
8 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon Always nice to see manufacturers improve on their earlier work, and one such set is in the spotlight now as we review the Strelets set of Boer Infantry.
5 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon Today we have our thoughts on the first of the recent Strelets releases, and our choice fell on the catchy title of Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress Standing Shoulder Arms.
1 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon Happy New Year everyone! We hope it is a year with plenty of new plastic figures, and we know it is starting off well as we have just received the latest batch of releases from Strelets, which are being photographed and posted at the moment.
29 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Our News page has some future plans as detailed on the new Strelets boxes, and it wouldn't be Strelets if there weren't also some confusion and mysteries!
28 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Over the Christmas break things have been stirring in the world of plastic figures. See our News page for a couple of late Christmas presents! Also apologies for failing to update our front page before the holiday with the news about a tonne of new Strelets releases!
18 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Today we review the recent set of Polish Uhlans on Horses 1939 from First To Fight.
12 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Anyone with an interest in the War of the Spanish Succession will find some good news on our News page.
10 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Another new title appears in the plans of Linear-A - see the News page.
6 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon A feast of new announcements for those with an interest in ancient history (plus something for the Napoleonic fans) over on the News page.
27 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Today we have a new addition to our occasional series of articles on kits that come with notable numbers of figures. This time it is the UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter from Hasegawa.
26 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Strelets have changed their December release plans - details on the News page.
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