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29 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Something rather different today, and certainly outside of our comfort zone. One of the recent sets from Linear-A took us back far into prehistory, so we have now added our page on their set Neanderthal vs Denisovan vs Homo Sapiens Set 1.
28 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Mars have continued their long run of World War II sets, perhaps inspired by the film 'Saving Private Ryan'. Our review of their US Rangers D-Day is now available.
26 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon To end the week we present our review of the RedBox set of Prince's Lifeguard and Fitzjames Horse from 1746.
25 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon There is a new announcement from Strelets over on the News page.
21 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Two updates for you today. First is a new review, of the set of Union Infantry Irish Brigade from Ultima Ratio, and second is news of a new release on our News page.
19 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Linear-A are proving to be very innovative in their choice of subjects, and now they have produced the first ever set of Seleucids. Our review of that set, Seleucid Infantry Phalanx Set 1, has now been published.
17 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon If the Second World War is one of your periods then our News page has something of interest for you today.
15 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Another review of a new RedBox set today, this time their British Regiments of Horse 1745.
13 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Some new releases are to be found over on the News page.
10 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon We have added our thoughts on the latest Zvezda game piece, American Infantry, the first American subject for that range.
9 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon The latest in the occasional sets of World War II figures from First To Fight, Polish Horse Artillery, has now been reviewed.
5 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Thirty years ago, when collectors and gamers could look forward to just a handful of largely predictable new sets each year, you could hardly have dreamt of figures for the '45, let alone Jacobite cavalry. Today the wide scope of the hobby continues to amaze, and RedBox have provided no less than two such sets of Jacobite cavalry. The first of these, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scottish Cavalry, is the subject of a new review.
3 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Strelets seem to be cranking up their output of new title announcements in preparation for their next batch of releases, and another one has made an appearance, for which see the News page.
3 Nov 2021 ArticleIcon Our first review of November is now live, and it is of the Mars set of US Machine Gunners D-Day.
31 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Another update to the News page, this time of a surprise new release.
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