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Latest Updates
8 Jun 2023 ArticleIcon A new set release for those interested in the modern period can be found on the News page.
21 May 2023 ArticleIcon A new review has been added, this time of the set of Carthaginian Army: Hannibal's Veterans from Ultima Ratio.
17 May 2023 ArticleIcon The last of the recent spate of AFV personnel sets has just been reviewed, namely the Orion set of World War II Italian Tank Crew.
14 May 2023 ArticleIcon The latest release from Mars returns to a favourite subject of theirs, 17th century Eastern Europe, and we now review their new set of Eastern Mercenaries for that period.
9 May 2023 ArticleIcon A busy day for our News page as we also report on a new set announcement.
9 May 2023 ArticleIcon There are several new releases to enjoy over on our News page.
8 May 2023 ArticleIcon The recent surge of tank crew sets continues as we study the latest offering from Orion, French Tank Crew (WW2).
3 May 2023 ArticleIcon A very fresh new release can be found on the News page.
1 May 2023 ArticleIcon We go back to the early days of Rome with today's review as we examine the Linear-A offering of Samnite Wars (2) Italian Ally Cavalry.
24 Apr 2023 ArticleIcon The News page has details of another new set recently announced.
11 Apr 2023 ArticleIcon Another recent release from Orion gets the full review treatment now, with a look at their set of Long Range Desert Group.
8 Apr 2023 ArticleIcon A real boon for those wishing to portray Napoleonic French cavalry (and there are many) as we review the excellent set of Napoleonic French Cavalry Disaster from Linear-A.
2 Apr 2023 ArticleIcon Our latest review returns to the subject of World War II tank crew as we consider the new Orion set of German Panzer Soldiers (DAK).
31 Mar 2023 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release, and some future new titles.
27 Mar 2023 ArticleIcon Today we take a look at one of the recent releases from Linear-A, namely their Ptolemaic Infantry Phalanx Set 2.

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