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Latest Updates
8 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon The News page reports on a new set in the pipeline.
6 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Many groups from the ancient Mediterranean world have yet to be immortalised in small-scale plastic, but one of these, the Arameans, now have such a set from Hegemony, which we have just reviewed.
3 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon Our latest review switches focus to the present day with a look at the new Caesar set of Modern PRC PLA Troops.
2 Aug 2022 ArticleIcon The biggest single batch of new releases this year has started distribution - see the News page for details.
30 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon The last of the recent releases from Mars has now had the full review treatment as we consider their set of Soviet Border Guards for World War II.
24 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon The American Civil War continues to be a popular subject for military miniatures, and we have just reviewed the latest and quite unusual addition to the available sets, Confederate Infantry Texas Troops from Ultima Ratio.
17 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon Today we examine and assess the Strelets early 18th century set of British Dragoons.
13 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon Another of the Hegemony sets is now on the site as we look at their Ancient Dorians.
6 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon Time for another trip into the world of early 18th century French armies as we review the Strelets set of elite French Garde du Corps.
3 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon There is a new Civil War release to report over on the News page.
1 Jul 2022 ArticleIcon The second Mars set has been reviewed, British Commonwealth Troops.
28 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon Another dip into the Hegemony catalogue now as we take a look at their set of Urartians.
25 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon You can never have too many WWII Germans, apparently, and the latest addition to that category of figure is the subject of our new review, the Mars set of German Panzerjägers.
23 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon An interesting new release is to be found on the News page.
21 Jun 2022 ArticleIcon Our latest review is another from the Hegemony stable as we take a look at their Romano-Britons set.

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