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6 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon A feast of new announcements for those with an interest in ancient history (plus something for the Napoleonic fans) over on the News page.
27 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Today we have a new addition to our occasional series of articles on kits that come with notable numbers of figures. This time it is the UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter from Hasegawa.
26 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Strelets have changed their December release plans - details on the News page.
21 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Our third update this week on the News page has three brand new set announcements.
20 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has a brand new set announcement from Ukrainian manufacturer Mars.
19 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Briefly slipping from a military theme to one of sport/entertainment, today we review the latest set from Ultima Ratio, Gladiators. Let the games begin!
18 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon A bumper crop of impending new releases is to be found on our News page today.
15 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has a new announcement from First To Fight.
14 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon A recent announcement for fans of ancient history over on the News page.
13 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release to impart.
12 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon The current lull in new sets to review gives us a chance to work on other features, and one of those has now been added to the site. We are often asked about A-Toys, which was basically another Esci brand, but they made good use of their figures, and a complete breakdown of their products can be found in our new feature on A-Toys.
5 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon The surprise recent release of British Infantry in Advance 1701-1714 means today we have our latest review.
5 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon A new medieval title is announced on the News page.
1 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon There are a couple of new Italeri releases over on the News page, although these are just old Esci figures given a new lease of life.
25 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release, courtesy of Strelets once more.
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