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22 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon If the French Foreign Legion of the early 20th century is an interest of yours then you have been rather spoiled by Strelets lately. Their fifth set on the subject, French Foreign Legion in Skirmish, has now been reviewed.
19 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon It was a controversial set as soon as it was previewed, and we have now completed our review of the disappointing Strelets set of Napoleonic British Infantry Firing Line.
16 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon Time for another review, and our choice today is the Strelets set of IJA Infantry in Defence.
11 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon They may not have been glamorous, but dragoons were an essential part of Louis' armies. Our review of the Strelets set Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish has been completed.
6 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon One more for the fans of the Second World War today as we consider the Strelets set of DAK Desert Patrol.
5 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon The News page has three new set announcements from this week.
2 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon A rare event today - we get to review some Napoleonic Austrian cavalry. To be specific, we take a look at the Strelets set of Austrian Uhlans.
28 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon The Duke of Marlborough was not only Captain-General of the Army, but also Master-General of the Ordnance, and for the first time there is now a set depicting his guns. Thus we come to review the Strelets set of British Artillery for the War of the Spanish Succession.
26 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon Arabs in Ambush from Strelets is the subject of our latest review.
24 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon While World War II remains a popular subject for figures, there are still plenty of subjects as yet unrepresented. One of those that now does have a set of its own is the Moroccan Goumiers, as made by Strelets and now reviewed.
21 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon The first of the latest crop of Strelets figure sets has had a review completed, for their late Napoleonic Russian Infantry in Overcoats Shoulder Arms.
18 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon Another Zvezda game piece for you today - this time it is their British Headquarters.
12 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon Today we travel back to perhaps the greatest threat early Rome ever faced - the Second Punic War - in the company of the latest Linear-A set, Hannibal Crosses the Alps 5.
9 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the Mars set of World War II US Infantry (Winter Uniform).
5 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon Details of the latest batch from Strelets, plus a new title, are to be found on the News page.
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