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Bluebird Zero Hour


In 1989 a range of 1/72 scale soldiers, some with vehicles, was sold in Europe under the name of "Bluebird Zero Hour". At the same time the same range, but in slightly different packaging, was sold in North America under the name of "Mattel Code Zero".

25 different boxes were made, which between them contained 71 different soldier poses and about 40 or so different vehicles, boats, planes and a train. The soldiers were made in 15 different colors to identify the different types of armies, navy, marines etc.

Set Types

There were four broad types of sets available:

  1. Infantry Only - These contained four sprues of 6 figures each plus an extra sprue with three figures, making a total of 27. There were no vehicles in these boxes.
  2. One Vehicle - Along with the vehicle these sets contained six loose figures, and were mostly presented in blister packs.
  3. Combined Set - These contained two vehicles and nine figures - one sprue of six and one of three.
  4. Big Box - These contained more than two vehicles and differing amounts of figures. The ultimate of these products was the 'Supreme HQ' set.

The Infantry Only box
('Eagle Air Para Wing Troops')

The One Vehicle box
('Navy Boat')

The Catalogue

Along with the different branding the sets were sold in the two markets with different packaging and usually different names too. The list below details the full range, with both Zero Hour and Code Zero names and codes (where known). The 'Figure Colour and Type' column refers to the 'Soldiers' section below.

Bluebird Code Bluebird Zero Hour Title Mattel Code Mattel Code Zero Title Figure Colour and Type Set Type
900281 Eagle Air Force Troops 6025 ? 2 Infantry Only
900291 Swordfish Navy Troops 6031 ? 10 Infantry Only
900301 Army Wold Pack Troops 6034 ? 4 Infantry Only
900311 BAD Brigade Troops 6042 ? 5 Infantry Only
900321 Crop Duster Set 6130 Crop Duster Set 6 One Vehicle
900331 Gemeni Two Man Tank Set 6197 ? 4 One Vehicle
900341 Swordfish Navy 6202 Marlin 3 Man Sub Set 10 One Vehicle
900351 Quick Silver Fighter Set 6203 Stealth Bomber Set 2 One Vehicle
900361 Cougar Armed Vehicle Set 6215 ? 4 One Vehicle
900371 Navy Boat Set 6225 Hammerhead Power Boat Set 10 One Vehicle
900381 Kestrel Chopper and Snipe Fighter 6228 Chopper and Fighter Set 1, 2 Combined
900391 Blueshark: Torpedo and Rubber Boat Set 6276 Blue Shark MTB and Armed Inflatable Boat Set 9, 10 Combined
900401 Thunderflash Armed Halftrack and ATV Set 6277 ? 3, 4 Combined
900411 UAV Armed Tourbus and Trike Set 6324 ? 5, 6 Combined
900421 UAV Petrol Tanker and Assault Boat Set ? ? 5, 6 Combined
900431 Night Hawk Bomber and Quicksilver Fighter Set 6327 ? 1, 2 Combined
900441 Supreme HQ and Monorail 6328 Supreme HQ and Monorail 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 Big Box
910011 Action Task Force     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 Big set
910281 Army Close Combat Troops     12, 15 Infantry only
910301 B.A.D. Polecat Gang Troops     14 Infantry only
910311 B.A.D. Scorpion Force Troops     6, 11  
910321 Close Combat Howitzer Set     10, 9 1 vehicle set
910331 Polecat Gang Piranha Airboat Set     14? 1 vehicle set
910341 Scorpion Force WASP Gunship     ? 1 vehicle set
910351 B.A.D. Polecat Gang Black Mamba Monorail Set     14 Big set
910361 Scorch Global Attack Bomber ? ? 1, 2 Combined
910421 UAV Petrol Tanker and Assault Boat 6326 ? 5, 6 Big Box
910431 BAD Powers Winger Demon 6933 Winged Power UAP Bomber Set 6 (3 man), 14 Combined
910441 VTA Para Wing Troop Transporter Set ? ? 13 Combined
910451 BAD Scorpion Force 6941 ? 1, 11 Combined
910541 Rhino Armoured Missile Carrier 6932 Close Combat Rhino Set 12, 15 Combined
910571 Surprise Q Ship ? ? 9, 10, 4 Big Set
910731 Eagle Air Para-Wing Troops     13 Infantry only
910781 Para-Wing Hornet Microlight     13 & ?  

The Figures

The figures in these sets are described below, and we have grouped them by size and colour as they appeared in the sets. The numbers assigned to the groups below relate to the 'Figure Colour and Type' column in the above table.

The figures are all around 25mm in height and therefore are 1/72 scale.

  These were used as 'officers' in many boxes, and depict airforce troops.
  These were the airforce squadron troops. Also used as airforce infantry troops.
  These were used as army officers.
  This set was the regular army infantry.
  This was the first of the 'BAD' troops.
  This was the second set of the 'BAD' troops.
  These are the officers of the second regular infantry type.
These soldiers can only be found in the Supreme HQ set and are thus sometimes difficult to find.
  This is the second regular infantry type.
These soldiers can only be found in the Supreme HQ set and are thus sometimes difficult to find.
  These are the officers of the Navy.
  This is the navy 'Infantry'.
  These black troops are very rare and difficult to find. They can only be found in the 'BAD scorpion force' set.
  These ninja style troops can only be found in the 'Rhino armoured missile carrier' set. Thus they are also rare.
  These are the regular para troops. Also sold in infantry style boxes.
  This 3rd set of BAD troops can only be found in the 'BAD powers winged demon' set. Rare.
  This last set of Ninja’s is extremely rare. It only came with the 'Rhino Armoured Missile Carrier' set and the 'Army Close Combat Troops' sets, which is almost impossible to find.

Below is a table that summarizes all soldiers and their colors + the amount of poses.

Number Colour Poses Remarks
1 Dark Blue 3  
2 Light Blue 5  
3 Dark Brown 3  
4 Light Brown 6  
5 Light Purple 5  
6 Dark Purple 6  
7 Dark Green 3 Figures only in supreme sets
8 Light Green 6 Figures only in supreme sets
9 Dark Grey 3  
10 Light Grey 5  
11 Silver Grey/Black 5 Rare
12 Yellow 6 Rare
13 Light Blue 6  
14 Red 6 Rare
15 Beige 3 Very rare

Happy Collecting!

Marco Bijl, 2011. If you have any remarks: marco@nvforest.com

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