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Italeri Battlesets

It is common for manufacturers to try and make the most of their investment in a product by packaging it in a different way, especially when most of the cost is in the design and tooling. Companies such as Airfix and Esci took the logical step of creating larger battlesets using their existing tooling plus a few extras such as a small building or a terrain base. Italeri however took the concept to a whole new level by creating much larger battlesets where the figures are almost swamped by the 'accessories', usually one or more buildings made of laser-cut MDF. Since these come flat-packed, they take up relatively little room in the box, yet can be put together to produce a much larger model than the old Airfix kits, making a more realistic setting for the figures and giving much greater value to the product. As these pages show, the result is an exciting range of large sets which utilise our favourite old figures but present them in a fresh and exciting way. They also make very attractive sets that would be more likely to be appealing to children, potentially bringing a whole new generation into the fascinating hobby of modelling military history.

Below is a list of all the titles so far made in this series. At the time of writing this is very much an active range, with new products every year, so this page will be expanded as those new products come to market. Each has its own page which gives a brief background to the set and offers details and images of the components to be found in the box. All imagery is taken from the excellent Italeri marketing material, which is in itself a superb example of how to make such models as appealing as possible.

Each page can be reached from here, or you can choose to move direct from one to the next for a tour of the whole range. Each page has small images which can be expanded by clicking on the image.

6101 - Waterloo 1815
6102 - Fortress under Siege
6103 - Battle of the Bulge
6104 - Siege of Orleans
6105 - Battle of Kursk
6106 - Battle of Gettysburg
6108 - Medieval Tournament
6109 - Medieval Challenge
6111 - Waterloo 2
6112 - Battle of Berlin 1945
6113 - Bastogne December 1944
6114 - Battle of Rorke's Drift
6115 - Pax Romana
6116 - Operation Cobra 1944
6118 - Battle of Arras
6172 - Bunker Assault
6179 - Farmhouse Battle
6180 - The Last Outpost
6181 - El Alamein
6182 - 1944 Battle of Malinava
6183 - Beau Geste
6184 - Operation Silver Bayonet
6185 - Castle Under Siege
6192 - Gauls Village Assault (Cancelled?)
6193 - Stalingrad Siege 1942
6194 - Pegasus Bridge
6195 - Battle for the Reichstag
6196 - Gladiators Fight
6197 - La Haye Sainte
6198 - Montecassino Abbey 1944
6199 - Air Assault on Sainte-Mère-Église

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