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Set 31131

Check Point

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

You can never really have too many accessories. Whether it is the battlefield or back at the camp, there is usually a mess of small items cluttering up the scene, and such items also help to make many dioramas more believable by making them look more chaotic.

This set from Hasegawa contains much that has been seen in other products from other companies, but is nonetheless of interest. The main item is the watch tower. Standing at just over 100mm (7.2 metres) to the top of its roof, it has room enough for two figures. It is quite easy to assemble, but the searchlight is not a separate part so would need some work to remove it if required.

The guard house is simply four walls and a roof, with two walls having windows. It is 25mm (1.8 metres) square at the base, which is enough for a chair and a desk and so seems reasonable. The walls are engraved to represent planks of wood, but the roof is tiled, so this is a fairly permanent structure. The instructions in the box suggest you could have the door open, but as this is simply engraved on one wall it would require a lot of carving with a very steady hand to achieve this.

The barrier is hinged, and although we found we had to do some trimming to put the model together properly it is a simple but nice piece. The two telegraph poles are much the same height as the tower and are fine, but the two short lengths of fencing seemed to be of little use by themselves. The road sign is short, being about the height of a man, and the rest of the pieces, jerry cans, ammunition boxes and a drum barrel represent the kind of litter common around World War II.

All the parts are well defined, and being hard plastic they glue together easily. To be fair there is not much to get excited about here, but this is a well engineered set that delivers exactly what the box promises (if you ignore all those vehicles) and delivers it well.

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