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Set 02574

Austrian Infantry

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 1993
Contents 47 figures, 1 horse
Poses 13 foot poses, 1 mounted pose and 1 horse pose
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours White
Average Height 24 mm (= 1.73 m)


In some quarters the Seven Years War has been called the first truly world war, with campaigns in Europe, North America and India. Though most of the European powers and their colonies were involved at one point or another, Revell chose to include just two nations in its range - Austria and Prussia. The first infantry set, that of Prussia, had proved to be of quite poor quality, so this set of Austrians had to demonstrate Revell could still produce good figures, and rescue the range as a whole.

As with the Prussian set, this one has a mix of regular line infantry and grenadiers, which instantly limits the number of poses available for each. Rather than try and cover all possibilities with both troop types, Revell made all their fusiliers standing still and all their grenadiers advancing. The choice of poses for each is pretty good, since by deciding that all fusiliers would be in the firing line it is easier to depict all the necessary positions, though this is little comfort if you want your fusiliers to move forward or march. The fusilier biting his cartridge is an unusual but appropriate pose, but we felt that two foot officers (one fusilier and one grenadier) plus one mounted was understandable but a bit excessive. The sapper is a nice touch, and the flag bearer has been well done. Notice that if the Austrian and Prussian flag bearers are put face to face, both flags are flapping in the same direction, an obvious detail when you consider it, but one that shows some thought by the manufacturer. All the grenadier poses, which include the only marching figure, are also well done.

The uniform and equipment on these men is correct in all respects (and shows that they are 'German' rather than Hungarian infantry). It is fairly typical of its time, with the coat, waistcoat and tricorn hat, thus allowing the figures to be used for the armies of several nations. Even small details like the shifting of the tricorn so the front corner was over the left eye are correctly depicted here, as is the sprig of green foliage, the Feldzeichen, which was an Austrian trademark for so long. More distinctive is the uniform of the grenadiers, or in particular their bearskin caps with a hanging cloth bag. Other differences between fusilier and grenadier uniform include the curved sabre carried only by grenadiers, the grenadiers' extra cartridge pouch on the front of the waist belt, and the match case on the shoulder belt, all being correctly modelled in this set. The drummer should have swallows' nest epaulettes, but sadly appears to have none at all. The equipment consists of the knapsack and canteen on the left hip and the cartridge pouch on the right, all properly done. The muskets look good, as do the weapons in the hands of the officers.

Thankfully these figures are in a different league to the poorly defined Prussian infantry. Detail is clear and sharp, and there are no problems with proportions, which are excellent. The mounted officer fits his horse well, and the drummer is particularly well done despite coming in one piece with his drum. Many copies of this set do suffer from noticeable levels of flash, however, and occasionally some detail is lost thanks to the position within the mould. The flag is not engraved with any pattern, allowing complete freedom for the customer to choose whatever design they wish. However at 20mm by 17mm it is a fair bit smaller than it should be (the real thing being 180cm long and 140 wide).

To our mind the main down side to this set is that it depicts two different troop types, though perhaps hoping that Revell would provide two separate sets for them instead of one might be a bit unrealistic. Otherwise this is a good quality set both in design and manufacture.


Historical Accuracy 9
Pose Quality 9
Pose Number 5
Sculpting 9
Mould 8

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