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Eagle Games

Set 02

Age of Imperialism

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2002
Contents 50 foot figures, 24 mounted figures, 24 horses and 10 guns
Poses 7 poses, 1 horse pose
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours See below
Average Height 24 mm (= 1.73 m)


Eagle Games make a number of wargames, mostly based on historical periods. These games contain 1/72 scale plastic figures, and this set consists of those figures without the rest of the game.

Since the pieces in this set were originally meant to be game pieces, it would be wrong to compare them with the dedicated sets found elsewhere on this site. This set has only a few poses, which represent, from left to right, on the top row, infantry, mounted officer, cavalry and engineer. On the second row there are explorer, Zulu and Arab rider. For the intended purpose this is quite adequate.

The standard of sculpting on the figures is not up to the standard of those from Italeri, Airfix and the rest. The style of the sculpting appears very different between the European figures (those in green above) and the Africans. The Europeans are quite crude and thin, with only a passable amount of detail. The heads in particularly are exceptionally thin, but all of them are very flat and unattractive. The two Africans are much better, although the Zulu is still rather flat. The Arab rider is the pick of the bunch, and is well proportioned and lifelike.

The single horse pose is the one model used for this and the Civil War set. It is generic enough to be adequate for the task here, though it is too well equipped to be a proper mount for the Arab. The cannon is more of a generic piece of ordnance than a highly accurate model, being greatly simplified in order to mould it in one piece apart from the wheels.

The set also includes a number of other game pieces, which have not been included here as they are nothing like 1/72 scale. They are ships, forts, cities, factories, ports, schools and locomotives.

This set comes in three colour combinations. The first set has all the European human poses split equally between blue and red plastic, with the horses in black. The second has green and yellow Europeans with black horses, and the third has purple and grey Europeans with brown horses. In all three cases the African figures and all the not-to-scale accessories are in a light grey/brown colour.

These are perfectly fit for their purpose, which is to represent their units on the gaming board. They do not look good when seen with comparable figures from other manufacturers, but for wargamers they may represent a more attractive option for building large formations quickly and with the minimum of waste.

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