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Set 6049

Battlefield Accessories

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

This set was originally made by Esci and marketed as set 8352 WWII Accessories. Italeri have renamed it Battlefield Accessories, making it easy to confuse with their original Battlefield Accessory Set (Set 6030), but it is packaged in the green 'WW II Series' livery.

The set is made up of a great many pieces which can be used to make a variety of objects including those shown above. The full list of contents is:

  • 3 tall (82mm) posts, suitable for making such items as the signpost and telegraph pole shown above.
  • 2 shorter (52mm) posts, suitable for making such items as the smaller signpost shown above.
  • 4 large (22mm) pointed signs, as seen above on the longest post.
  • 7 small (15mm) pointed signs, as seen above on the shorter post.
  • 3 rectangular signs (20mm by 16mm).
  • 2 rectangular signs (20mm by 12mm).
  • 6 crosspieces for making telegraph poles as seen above on the longest post.
  • 1 double-posted sign
  • 2 small (27mm) signposts, with both post and square sign moulded as one piece.
  • 44 sandbags
  • 4 open boxes
  • 4 lids for boxes.
  • 8 drums (for oil etc.).
  • 10 pyramid-shaped centre-pieces and 15 steel girders for constructing obstacles such as the 'hedgehog' shown above.
  • 30 lengths of wood (28mm long) for constructing obstacles such as that shown above, which could be used to hold barbed wire etc.

The set is done in a hard plastic, so it takes glue very well. Since the posts can be used for many things there are no fittings as such - the customer has complete freedom to attach signs and so on anywhere and at any angle. The signs and telegraph poles are perhaps less useful than the rest of the set. The hedgehog was one of many obstacles used to impede the progress of landing-craft and vehicles on the beaches of Normandy in 1944. The sandbags can clearly be stacked in any fashion to construct strongpoints, and the drums and boxes would be a normal part of the supply 'litter' of any army.

All the parts are properly detailed and there was no flash. The only problem is that none of the posts have bases, so they do not stand by themselves. Of course the posts, signs and sticks could have many other uses beyond World War II, so this is a useful set for adding some of the finer details to many battle scenes.

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