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Set 02502

German Infantry

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 1990
Contents 48 figures
Poses 12 poses
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours Grey, Light Green
Average Height 23 mm (= 1.66 m)


As with several other manufacturers, Revell chose to portray World War II German Infantry as one of their very first sets of figures. However, as with later sets, they chose to do something a bit different from the others - in this case to concentrate on the troops as they appeared later in the war, during the months after the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944 and the later stages of the campaign in the Soviet Union.

Many of the poses here are the familiar fare, but they have been done with a bit more thought and are all the better for it. The figures are much more convincing in what they are doing, with those that are firing their weapons really leaning into them. Rather than have the officer advancing leading his men on, this officer is kneeling and signalling, a rather more likely position altogether.

The uniforms are of the later war pattern, though some of the men still wear the marching boots they were issued earlier in the war rather than the ankle boots. However in most cases the basic uniform is covered by a greatcoat or other garment such as a snow camouflage suit, some of which were reversible to permit a white or green/brown surface to be outermost. Many of the helmets are also covered, and again this could be either white of any one of the many camouflage patterns adopted. One man has a strap round his helmet to allow bits of foliage to be stuck in to further disguise his presence.

Personal equipment is a mixture of parts of the full kit, which reflects that fact that supply was becoming much more of a problem for the Germans by 1944. Weaponry too has changed as the war has gone on, and one man carries the panzerfaust anti-tank weapon that was to destroy so much Allied armour. In all cases the equipment is accurately sculpted and well detailed.

For recreating campaigns in the colder parts of the World such as the Ardennes and the Soviet Union this set is invaluable and is an excellent addition to the World War II range.


Historical Accuracy 10
Pose Quality 9
Pose Number 8
Sculpting 10
Mould 10

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