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Set M097

British Line Infantry in Overcoats 2

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2015
Contents 48 figures
Poses 12 poses
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours Brown
Average Height 23.5 mm (= 1.7 m)


Since this is set two for this subject it makes sense to consider this in conjunction with set 1, reviewed here. The first thing to say is there is not much difference between this set and set one in terms of appearance. Again every man wears a greatcoat with cape, although in this set they are a bit shorter, reaching just above the knee when the real thing was supposed to reach the calf. In the first set we worried that some of the coats were single-breasted, when the regulation issue coat was always double-breasted. Well in this set all those that are visible are clearly single-breasted, so that is an error, although some have the front obscured completely. The shakos are all of the 1812 pattern, which have been reasonably well done but all lack the cords (which apparently were often removed when on campaign anyway). Given the wintry conditions implied by wearing the coat, an oilskin cover for the shako would have made sense but there are none here.

The equipment is standard for British soldiers of the late Napoleonic period – cartridge pouch on the right hip, haversack canteen and bayonet scabbard on the left. Some of the poses have a knapsack, but again these have been given straps with buckles in the wrong place. Some also have a rolled blanket on top, but no one here has a mess tin.

The style of sculpting is much the same as the first set, which is reasonable by Strelets standards but a little rough in places and with some slim items a bit thicker than they should be. The problem with flash on the first set has been improved for this one – flash is certainly still there but not as bad as set one.

The major difference of course is in the poses. The first set concentrated on the firing poses while this one is full of men on the march, advancing or at charge bayonets (bizarrely exactly the opposite of what the box artwork shows). There are several of some poses, allowing for a convincing line of soldiers all following the same drill but with small variations in stance and kit, making it all the more realistic. As a collection of poses by itself this lot leave out some important ones, but taken together with the first set most of the important positions are provided, and without the fun but less useful ones of men running forward or otherwise not in formation; the man holding his musket and bayonet horizontally being the major exception.

This second set has strayed a bit more from the regulation, calf-length double-breasted coat, but otherwise provides more useful poses with figures that are a reasonable sculpting job and happily with less flash than the first. Could have been a bit tighter on the accuracy, but otherwise an interesting variation on the standard Napoleonic British infantry and particularly useful for some of the engagements in North America during the period 1812-15.


Historical Accuracy 9
Pose Quality 9
Pose Number 8
Sculpting 7
Mould 8

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