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Set 5035

Schneider Gun

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2010
Contents 1 gun and 5 figures
Poses 5 poses
Material Plastic (Very Soft)
Colours Green
Average Height 23.5 mm (= 1.7 m)


Both sides in the Spanish Civil War made use of any weapon they could lay their hands on, and often found themselves with old and obsolete equipment gladly sold to them by their original owners. Amongst these were a number of guns made by Schneider, including the 75mm Mle 1897 and a mountain gun of the same calibre. As might be expected these vintage guns underwent many battlefield modifications over the years, which would make it hard to discuss accuracy with any great conviction. However we must be honest and say that we do not know what sort of gun is included in this set, which merely describes it as a Schneider 75mm. Certainly we found nothing that particularly looks like this model, and the image on the box cover is too indistinct to be of any help. What we can say, however, and quite remarkably, is the gun comes as just one piece. It is not the most polished of models, but neither is it as bad as you might imagine, so some serious use of a flexible mould is on show here.

As for the crew, well they seem familiar and are based in part on previous figures released by BUM for their Spanish Civil War series. It must be said that all of them are of quite poor quality, with a distinctly rough quality to them. Detail is variable but while the simple uniforms are adequately done you don't get the impression that they are actually holding the items in, or near, their hands. These are presumably shells, but are extremely simple and hard to judge. Under battle conditions neat uniforms were a luxury neither side could always manage, so these rough utilitarian clothes look reasonable.

The poses are not particularly good, and they have the look of someone having cut up and repositioned other figures to achieve the desired result. Worse yet they are made in a very fragile form of plastic which is easy to tear with bare hands, and the gun in particular is very vulnerable to any sort of rough treatment.

Also included in the set is an emplacement piece as shown, which is about 125mm wide and 110mm deep. It is piled earth held by a wooden fence, behind which the gun would at least have some protection, and is a reasonable piece. It is made in a rigid resin material, so is much more robust than the gun and figures.

This then is a pretty poor set, which looks like it was cobbled together cheaply, so regardless of how much effort was actually put into producing it the result is pretty bad and not anything we would suggest should be purchased.


Historical Accuracy
Pose Quality 4
Pose Number 5
Sculpting 4
Mould 7

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