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Set 6132

Soviet Headquarters

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2016
Contents 4 figurs
Poses 4 poses
Material Plastic (Very Hard)
Colours Green
Average Height 25 mm (= 1.8 m)


All armies need a command structure, and generally sets of figures include an officer, with other support personnel sometimes. The Zvezda Art of Tactic game series naturally splits each role into different very small representative sets, so most have no officer figures included. This set addresses that with a couple of command figures, plus two men concerned with communications - a vital role if a headquarters is to function at all.

The first two figures are running the communications. The first man is playing out telephone wire from a spool, and the second is kneeling and using a field telephone. Both men are dressed in standard infantry uniform and fairly lightly equipped, as you might expect. Since both are fairly complicated poses they have separate arms to make for a better pose, and it certainly works, as both poses are excellent and very natural. The parts go together with no need for gluing, and the sculpting is the very high standard we have long enjoyed from Zvezda, with no flash at all. These are two very nice figures that would be commonplace in any headquarters scenario.

The second pair of figures represent the chain of command at a headquarters. The first man is dressed and equipped much like any rifleman. His pointing posture might make him seem like he is giving orders, but the only visible suggestion of rank is the pistol he has on his belt, so he is some sort of NCO, and a very useful figure for any battle. The last man is a more senior officer, with his peaked hat and revolver, plus he carries a pair of binoculars. Since the set dates itself to before 1944 he has no shoulder boards on his shoulders, which is perfect, and he has a map case attached to his belt. All of this is fine, though we would have liked to have seen a case for his binoculars somewhere. Like the rest he is beautifully sculpted, though he and the NCO come complete and need no assembly. Unfortunately our example of the officer has a large sink hole in his back and a smaller one on the right of his chest, so not as good as most Zvezda sets.

Like most of the range, the set includes the separate bases as shown and a large single base where all the figures can be arrayed together. They make little sense when done this way, but as a game piece this does not matter. These are some nice, generic headquarters figures and of course complement the many action sets produced in this series. Since few complete sets of command and support figures are ever made, this provides some useful add-ons for those wishing to build a large infantry force but needing just a handful of support figures such as these.

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