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A Call To Arms

Set 54

Confederate Infantry 1861

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2000
Contents 32 figures
Poses 8 poses
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours Grey
Average Height 21 mm (= 1.51 m)


This set joins the many others depicting infantry of the American Civil War, but the most striking feature of this one is the poses. The eight poses include the usual firing and charging positions, but the animation is excellent - every man is clearly very active, in contrast to the very static poses some producers offer. Indeed the man charging (first figure, second row) is a bit exaggerated. The man wielding the bayonet is particularly effective, apparently avoiding some blow from his opponent as he himself prepares to strike. Perhaps our favourite however is the man reaching for a cartridge as he lies on the ground, preparing to fire his rifle, which just looks so natural we loved it, even though it is hardly a figure that could be used in a formation.

The figures are clothed and equipped in a variety of items, and all wear the slouch hat rather than a kepi. This would be more typical of the later war period than the 1861 advertised on the box, when men had learned that comfort and practicality were very important when on campaign. Some have a blanket rolled round the trunk, and the level of kits varies, but everything looks to be authentic.

At an average scale height of barely 1.5 metres these men are rather small as they were originally part of the 'OO' scale Marksmen range, but the detail is not too bad and there is almost no flash to clean away. Their diminutive size makes them hard to place next to other sets depicting the same subject, and the dramatic poses mitigate against them being placed in formed bodies as would have been the norm on the real battlefield. The inclusion of an officer would have been welcome, but overall this is a very nice set with some exciting poses that deserves its re-release.


Historical Accuracy 10
Pose Quality 8
Pose Number 5
Sculpting 7
Mould 9

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