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Latest Updates
27 May 2024 ArticleIcon Another new release to report on our News page.
22 May 2024 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release, images of which have already been added to the site.
16 May 2024 ArticleIcon We stick with World War II for our latest review as we look at the Mars set of British Paratroopers.
10 May 2024 ArticleIcon Another new entry on our News page has a list of the latest titles to be announced by Linear-A.
10 May 2024 ArticleIcon The News page has a new set title, although it does not include any new figures.
9 May 2024 ArticleIcon Today's review is of the Mars set of World War II German Artillery Crew (Winter).
4 May 2024 ArticleIcon We have now brought our section on the impressively large range of Bachmann HO scale figures completely up to date by adding their latest four releases, which include some really fun ideas for figures from the 1950s.
3 May 2024 ArticleIcon There are two new figure announcements from Strelets over on the News page, along with a revised HaT product.
28 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon We have been speaking to Bachmann Europe, who have confirmed that production and supply-chain problems caused by Covid had stopped production of their Scenecraft figures. However this production has now resumed, and they have released four new sets, with more due very shortly. So we have updated our page on this range at Bachmann Scenecraft 'OO' Figures, including some amendments and a look at new sets like 'Embarking Service Personnel' and 'Edwardian Passengers'. Also we understand that the Emhar brand (owned by Bachmann) is being phased out over the next year or two, so if there is a set or kit you want, best get it while you can.
26 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon We have taken our customary look at the first of the recent releases from Mars, namely their U.S. Paratroopers (Part 2).
25 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon Two new sets have recently been released, as detailed on the News page.
19 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon A quick update on the RedBox Byzantines over on the News page.
14 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon We have completed our page on the unconventional Linear-A set of Bacchanalia, and please be aware that the page has been done in a family-friendly manner.
7 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon Our latest review is perhaps also the most important one we have ever done, because the Linear-A set of Imperial Roman (Centuriones) is a game-changer for the hobby. Judge for yourself, but this is a very exciting development in our view.
5 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon This week has seen the appearance of four new sets, as detailed on the News page.

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