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Caesar Fantasy Figures

As well as an excellent range of 1/72 historical figures, Caesar make a range of fantasy figures with the same claimed scale of 1/72. While we do not generally cover fantasy we created this article with images of these figures as they may be of some value for converting or similar historical uses.

All the figures are shown with a scale which is in millimetres, and as can be seen from the pictures all are superbly sculpted. The figures below each figure show the number in each box, although we understand this can vary, as indeed can the precise figures included, so this is only a guide. All the figures are in plastic but some have been done in a silver colour to blend well with metals.

Fantasy 101 - Dwarves

Gimli and company don't seem to be big on shaving, or indeed big at all.

The fourth figure in this row has a ring hand for the axe.

Fantasy 102 - Elves

I didn't know Catwoman was an elf!

Legolas and friends never looked so good.

Fantasy 103 - Undead

Some days lunch just can't come soon enough.

This looks like a job for Sinbad.

Fantasy 104 - Adventurers

I had an adventure recently. I visited a new branch of Tescos. Yes actually, that does count!

The comment about 'contents will vary' applies double here - the box says you get 15 figures plus 4 random ones which may or may not be those we got!

Our friend here stands 55mm tall. I wonder what kind of adventures he has?

These are the remaining possible figures in this set. Doubtless any resemblance to Ian McKellen and Orlando Bloom is purely coincidental.

Fantasy 105 - Goblins

Ah, aren't they cute? Didn't Harry Potter have some trouble with a goblin of fire?

Hey no fair. Those guys have hand grenades!

Fantasy 106 - Orc Warriors

Why are orcs always portrayed as the bad guys?

Aren't they just another misunderstood minority that need a hug?

Fantasy 107 - Lizardmen Warriors

Fantasy 108 - Ratmen

Fantasy 109 - Orc Warriors Set 2

Fantasy 110 - Undead Camp : Zombies

S012 - Elf Warriors II

Some nasty-looking blades there.

If they are as fast as Legolas then those few arrows won't last them long.

If you bothered to pack the shield, then at least use it to protect yourself!

Photos for set S012 courtesy of Sherlock Dad

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