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Set ESK02

Eskimo Sled and Dogs

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2002
Contents 1 figure, 5 dogs
Poses 1 pose, 5 dog poses
Material Resin
Colours Black
Average Height 24 mm (= 1.73 m)


This set contains a sledge with driver plus five dogs. The sledge was made of whatever materials were available, and this model is of a traditional design. The runners are 40mm long, which as can be seen is plenty large enough for the driver and some luggage. An animal skin has been placed on the sledge, on which the man sits controlling the team. In front of him is something rolled up, perhaps more animal skins. The skin, man and luggage are all separate, thus the customer can choose to add any or all of these items if they wish.

Sledges such as this were usually pulled by between four and eight dogs, so the five included here are fine. They are all straining at the harness, and look very realistic. None of them come with bases, so the bases shown in our picture were added by us to allow painting. These are obviously small models, and the legs are very thin, as they should be for the scale. As can be seen two of the dogs only have two feet on the ground, and one only has one foot down, so these need to be treated carefully to avoid breakages.

All the pieces are beautifully sculpted, with all the surface detail and texture you could want. These resin models have almost no flash, and what there is is much more easily removed than on plastic models. Proportions too are excellent, and from what little we know about husky dogs these models look very good. One thing not included in the set is the actual harness linking the dogs with the sledge, but there are basic instructions on how this can be fabricated. This is another very nice model for the wide Eskimo range from Nikolai.

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