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Set 18357

German Kit, 1939-45

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

Many of the Preiser World War II German figure sets have empty hands and a separate sprue containing assorted weapons and kit. This box is simply a copy of that separate sprue. The box makes no attempt to identify the many very small parts in this set, but the following is a full list:
  • 5 of Kar 98k Carbine
  • 3 of MP40 ('Schmeisser') Submachine Gun (2 with stock extended, 1 with stock folded)
  • 2 of Ammunition Box
  • 1 of MG 42 Machine Gun with bipod
  • 1 of Spare Submachine Gun Ammunition Clip
  • 1 of Small Entrenching Tool and Carrier
  • 1 of M1931 Bread Bag/M1931 Field Flask combination
  • 1 of Gas Mask Case
  • 1 of M1931 Rolled Tent Section
  • 5 of Pistol Holsters
  • 1 of Binoculars on tripod
  • 3 of Steel Helmets
  • 1 of M1935 officer's Peaked Cap
  • 1 of M1935 Field Cap
  • 1 of Binoculars
  • 2 of group-of-3 M1911 Cartridge Pouches
  • 1 of M1934/9 Pack with Greatcoat rolled over top
  • 1 of M1934/9 Pack
  • 1 of M1931 Bread Bag
  • 1 of M1935 Despatch/Map Case
All the parts are pretty well detailed and accurate. Of course being 1/87 scale they are very small and difficult to handle, and will not match with the 1/72 figures that make up the majority of the figures reviewed on this site. Also this is not a particularly generous amount of content. The box is small, but while there are several weapons there is only enough basic kit for one soldier, so equipping a large number of figures using this product is likely to be expensive. It also fails to deliver all the basic kit items that German soldiers were issued with, so in a sense it is not even complete. Still it is a useful top-up for the spares box, and if all you want is one or two items then this is better than buying a whole set of figures just for what you want.

Further Reading
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