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Set 72FR0001

French Line Infantry 1804 - 1805

All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2004
Contents 4 figures
Material Resin
Colours Grey
Average Height 25 mm (= 1.8 m)


Legio make sets that are unusual in having several parts to put together, much in the style of the bigger scale Historex kits. For a discussion of the concept, see our review of Prussian Line Infantry 1806-1807.

This kit includes sufficient parts to make four figures, and a selection of the parts can be seen here. Although such kits offer opportunities for conversion and amendment, the only specific choice on offer is in the arms, which can be either holding the musket across the stomach or at the shoulder as illustrated by our representative figures above. However both a canteen and a gourd are provided for each man, and even a pair of shoes can be placed on the knapsack if desired. Since the bayonets (easily the flimsiest component) are separate, they can be fixed or sheathed as preferred.

The set is subtitled 'Fusiliers advancing in close order', and they wear the correct uniform for the stated period, with a single crossbelt holding both cartridge box and bayonet. Two of the heads have the tricorn across the head (en bataille) and two have it front and back (en colonne), both being common. Tails are the correct length, and all details are present and correct.

The standard of sculpting is pretty good, although we felt the figures were a little deficient in folds in the clothing at places like the elbows. The detail is also a fair job, but some items can be immensely thin and fragile and could be easily damaged. The parts fitted together well enough, but there are no pegs or the like to guide placement or ensure the join stays firm while the glue dries. This leaves more scope for variation but makes the assembly process more difficult. Certainly some patience is required, but like any kit more attention and care will improve the result, so to a large extent you get out of this what you put in. We went for a basic build, but some may wish to do more.

Both parts and the final figures are very slender, in marked contrast to some one-piece products. The styles are compared in our review of the Prussians, and while it may be a matter of personal taste as to which is preferable, it does mean the figures are not as compatible with other makes as some may wish. Still these are properly done models, and offer much potential for dedicated modellers.

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