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Set 20

WWII Heroic GIs and German Prisoners

All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2003
Contents 7 figures
Poses 7 poses
Material Resin
Colours Light Grey
Average Height 21 mm (= 1.51 m)


This is a strange title for a set of figures, and we didn't real know what to expect from it. We certainly did not expect what we got, which was a collection of figures doing, well, not a lot.

Two of the figures are clearly the German prisoners. One is shackled to a large log and is lying on the ground, and the other is tied up and sitting. These are unusual poses to be sure, but both are authentic and therefore worthwhile.

The rest of the figures are not restrained, so we must assume that they are the GIs. However none are really doing anything, at least nothing interesting. One is putting an ammo belt over his shoulder, and another is resting up against an oil drum and examining another ammo belt. There is someone apparently examining a wheel, and one man is lying horizontally on the ground with a bottle in his hand. This must be stopped, as otherwise it would currently be pouring its contents over his chest. The final man is sitting by another drum, but we could not work out what if anything he is supposed to be doing.

Two further pieces fill the set out for no good reason. There is a small collection of cans, and some sort of trailer which is upside-down and with one wheel missing (presumably that which is being examined by one of the figures).

The level of detail is very poor, with some of the faces and heads being badly misshapen and horrific. If it had not been for the title, we would not have guessed that these were US soldiers. The one question that kept appearing while reviewing these figures was simply 'Why?'. Apart from the German prisoners, why would anyone want a model of a man sitting near a drum looking over his left shoulder? Also, why are these described as 'heroic'? We have no idea. This is a poor set because of the very poor casting, but if your collection is not complete without a one-wheeled trailer turned upside-down, then this set is for you. For everyone else, one to forget.

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