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Set 11

Elephant Carthaginian Casualties

All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2002
Contents 3 figures and 1 elephant
Poses 3 poses, 1 elephant pose
Material Resin
Colours Light Grey
Average Height 23 mm (= 1.66 m)


The Punic Wars have become a very popular subject for plastic figures recently, and the elephants are surely the most remarkable aspect of this war in the popular imagination. Though there are sets of elephants for use with Carthaginian armies, none include downed elephants, and indeed such a task is far from easy. Each animal could weigh over 5 tonnes, and killing it was no easy matter.

This set contains an elephant and three crew. Carthage used African Forest elephants in its armies, which are now extinct but were much smaller than modern elephants, being only about 2.5 metres at the shoulder. This elephant has been correctly sized and carved, with all the features of this long-gone breed. He shows no sign of having a tower or indeed any kind of cloth on his back, though even if these had been worn they could have been torn off before the animal fell.

The three crew are also dead. The mahout, or driver/trainer, has had the misfortune to be caught between the front legs of the animal. The two warriors lie in rather unconvincing poses, and one has even managed to maintain his hold on his sword as he died.

All the pieces are very nicely carved and are quite accurate. This is a better quality set than most of the earlier ones in this range, and suggest MIR are improving their output as they become more experienced. As ever, an unusual subject has been chosen, and in this case it has been realised pretty well.

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