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Set 16588

German Horse Drawn Field Wagon Erfa

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released Unknown
Contents 4 figures, 2 horses and 1 wagon
Poses 4 poses, 2 horse poses
Material Plastic (Very Hard)
Colours Grey
Average Height 21 mm (= 1.51 m)


While the German Army of the Second World War had large numbers of sturdy and reliable wagons, there were still shortages. A response to this was the Ersatzfeldwagen (Erfa 40), which was cheaper, lighter and easier to produce. While it was a wartime expedient, as all ersatz production was, it was to prove its worth, particularly on the Eastern Front, with the vast distances and poor roads that presented. This then is the model that we have here, which represents part of the increasingly impressive range of WWII German army wagons made by this company.

As we have said, the Ersatz wagons were simpler than the standard army wagons, and the model in this set is an excellent representation of one. While they were simpler, every detail has been faithfully represented here, and produced with perfect tolerances to form a stunning model. Many such wagons had same-size wheels back and front, but here they confirm to the more conventional arrangement of the two rear wheels being larger. Also, the handbrake is modelled turned to the side rather than upright in front of the driver. This was often done when loading or manoeuvring, although when actually on the road this would have been upright – an option not available on this model unless you care to break and reattach the necessary piece yourself. The wagon was meant to be pulled by four horses, but lack of animals meant it was often pulled by two, which is all that are supplied in this set. The wagon comes with a choice of covers as shown. You can have the full canopy (left), the collapsed canopy or even no canopy at all, as we have shown it above. Also you have a choice of gear for it being pulled by horses or by a motorised vehicle – here we have chosen the more common horse-drawn setup.

The team and the choice of figures are identical to those in the Preiser set German Field Wagon, so we will not repeat our comments on them here, but instead refer you to that review.

The sheer quality of production on this model makes it a thoroughly worthwhile piece to make and admire. All the wheels turn, as does the axle, and everywhere the quality is all you could ask. Yet another superb model of an interesting and rarely-depicted vehicle from this manufacturer, and very highly recommended.

Further Reading
"German Infantry Carts, Army Field Wagons, Army Sleds 1900-1945" - Schiffer - Wolfgang Fleischer - 9780764312731

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