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Phersu Miniatures

Set AMU3

Ancient Musicians

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released Unknown
Contents 6 figures
Poses 6 poses
Material Resin
Colours Cream
Average Height 24.5 mm (= 1.77 m)


This is another in the Ancient Musicians series, and this time we have men playing a mixture of instruments, specifically the Roman tuba (first two figures), the horn (middle two figures) and drums (last two figures). The horn, called at the time the cornu, was usually carried into battle and used to communicate orders to Rome’s soldiers, but here they seem to be entirely civilian in use. Neither have the cross-brace that usually allowed the instrument to rest on the shoulder, and the instrument itself comes in two different sizes, with the smaller being held by the youth. Everything here looks fine, and the poses are very nicely done and look realistic. Apart from the tubas and one stick for one of the drummers, everything come as one piece, yet these are highly complex and intricate figures. They are been really well done with good proportions and appealing faces. Though not of use for any military purpose, these figures would look good at some Roman party, and are likely to be very appealing for many collectors.

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