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Set ROM03

Ancient Civilians and Slaves 1

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released Unknown
Contents 11 figures
Poses 11 poses
Material Resin
Colours Black
Average Height 24.5 mm (= 1.77 m)


This set is another in the Nikolai Roman civilians series, and the title gives little away about what the contents might be. In fact we find a number of men that are handling goods of various descriptions. One man holds a bolt of cloth while another has a sack on his back, but most of the rest are holding amphorae. This gives them the appearance of working in a market or perhaps at a port, although they could just as easily be part of a general street scene.

All wear the usual common garment worn by ordinary citizens and slaves alike – the tunic. This simple but comfortable garment varied in style but most here have short sleeves. Two are without sleeves entirely, and one of these has been unfastened at one shoulder, which was common when hard work was being done. All look to have belts, although they are generally more fitted and less baggy than was normal. The only other item of clothing is the shoes, which most but not all the figures wear. Again the designs vary but all look authentic.

The poses are great and very diverse, but all are extremely natural. Those that are carrying something actually look like they have something heavy. The sculpting is top notch too, with perfect proportions and very good facial features. Of course there is almost no detail to the costume, but the folds of the clothing are well done and basically can’t be bettered. This is perfectly normal from Nikolai, as is the lack of any bases for these resin figures, so our painted examples above have been given ones from elsewhere.

This is another terrific Nikolai set, with the highest quality sculpting and invention.

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