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Set CREA03

Jesus' Home (with Jesus)

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2007
Contents 1 building and 1 figure
Poses 1 pose
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours White House, Grey Figure
Average Height 23 mm (= 1.66 m)


We must say right from the start that we are no experts in Biblical architecture, so we will begin with some basic facts about this model. It is made of resin with each wall being one piece, plus the roof and beams. Our example at least was pure white, which makes it almost impossible to photograph, hence our use of an image of a painted example above courtesy of Odemars. The roofed building is about 118mm long and 70mm wide (8.5 metres by 5 metres), and the open section at the back is about 85mm (6.1 metres) square. The walls are 55mm (4 metres) tall, which seems very tall indeed but this could mean the building has a very shallow first floor where the occupants would sleep. The roof is flat (covered in mud as would be the walls), with no sign that it could be accessed as some larger houses had. Finally there are no interior details.

To our inexpert eye this looks like a pretty convincing building for a family as it is not that different from some village dwellings in that part of the world today. Certainly it is a pretty good size, with doors that comfortably allow a standing figure to stand in the frame. However this is definitely not a snap-together construction kit, as there are no guides or fixings to aid assembly. Unfortunately the walls are not particularly square, which looks suitably rustic and historically appropriate but means they only touch at certain points where they meet, giving less surface on which the glue can bond. However the engraved detail on all the outer surfaces is quite nice.

We used the Odemars website to guide us on what went where because there is no drawing on or in the box, so anyone with just the kit and box will have to work it out for themselves. Still the end result is quite pleasing and certainly something different.

Now we come to the reason for including this set on our site - the figure of Jesus. The history of how Jesus has been portrayed down the centuries is surprisingly rich, but basically most cultures portray him in their own image, so he is white in Europe, black in Africa, Chinese in China and so on. Of course none of these images necessarily claim to be an accurate depiction of the actual man, and in truth there are no contemporary images or useful descriptions so no one really knows what he looked like. However here we find what many will consider a familiar portrayal, including a full beard, which is almost universal in the modern era but only became a regular feature of depictions in the fourth century. His clothes are simple as you might expect, with a long-sleeved robe reaching below the knees and some sort of wrap around his body and sandals on his feet. The photograph of the figure tells you all you need to know about the pose, although he is leaning forward a little for some reason. He is also a little flat, but the folds and detail are quite well done.

So an unusual building and another identified historical figure to add to the many already in the hobby.

Further Reading
"Everyday Life Through the Ages" - Readers Digest - Michael Davison - 9780276420351
"Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth" - Oxford University Press - Peter Connolly - 9780199181421
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